Upland areas in Irelands



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Uplands (Hooglanden):
The Irish Uplands Forum defines the uplands as all land above 1000 ft ( ± 300 m )
plus those areas, such as the Burren and other areas along the western seaboard
where upland conditions descend to sea level.

...Upland areas in Ireland



61 NW Ireland uplands
62 Mid-W Ireland uplands
63 SW Ireland uplands
64 Antrim Mountains
65 Mourne Mountains
66 Wicklow Mountains







In Northern Ireland, structural extensions of the Scottish Highlands reappear in the generally rugged mountain scenery and in the peat-covered summits of the Sperrin Mountains, which reach an elevation of 2,241 feet (683 metres). The uplands in the historic counties Down and Armagh are the western continuation of Scotland’s Southern Uplands but reach elevations of more than 500 feet (150 metres) only in limited areas; the one important exception is the  Mourne Mountains, a lovely cluster of granite summits the loftiest of which,  Slieve Donard, rises to an elevation of 2,789 feet (850 metres) within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the sea. In the central region of Northern Ireland that corresponds to Scotland’s Midland Valley, an outpouring of basaltic lavas has formed a huge plateau, much of which is occupied by the shallow  Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles.



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...Upland areas in Ireland

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