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Leven – St Andrews ....... 53 km / 2-3 dagen


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Zie: Top 10 UK coastal walks.

Sandy bays and straightforward, grassy cliff paths,
but much wilder after Crail with sections of rough foreshore.

Mooiste dagetappes:
1. Leven ― Elie
.....................14 ½ km .........lichte wandeling .
2. Elie ― Crail ........................19 km ..................licht .
3. Crail ― St Andrews ..........19 km ..................licht .

The Fife Coastal Path is one of Scotland’s Great Trails, stretching for
175 km from the Firth of Forth in the south to the Firth of Tay in the

You’ll marvel at the rugged beauty of Scotland’s east coast;
pass through fishing villages and former coal mining towns; and
walk along cliff-tops, award-winning beaches and estuaries.

Wildlife is abundant: f
rom seabirds and dolphins to wildflowers and
butterflies. Nature will be with you every step of the way.

And the scenery is as changeable as the Scottish weather, making this
a beautiful and unpredictable route.

• Crail Harbour.

• Crail Harbour.

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. Five Coastal Path,
... Sandra Bardwell ; Jacquetta Megarry
... Rucksack Reader, 2018


Strookkaart (stripmap):

. Fife Coastal Path,
... Footprint Maps,
... Stirling Surveys 2012


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Start/Finish: Blairmore, near Kinlochbervie
........ 16 km / 1 dag

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Zie: Top 10 UK coastal walks.

Clear but sometimes boggy moorland track, sandy shore and
rough cliff paths.

• Almost 3 km of spotless white sand, backed by rolling dunes and a
.. dark and brooding loch with, on either side, finely chiselled rocky
.. headlands that funnel the crashing surf: this is Sandwood Bay.
• It is within sight of Cape Wrath, near the extreme north-west tip of
.. the British mainland, the bay has no cafe, toilet block or car park.
• To reach Sandwood's unblemished sands you have to walk almost
.. 8 km along a rough moorland track.
• The route begins at a small car park, towards the end of the lane from
.. Kinlochbervie.
• A lively fish market takes place every weekday in Kinlochbervie;
.. the nearby crofting community of Oldshoremore has a superb beach
.. of its own; and there is a secluded bayside campsite further along the
.. lane at Sheigra.

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.• The impressive sea stack
(= brandingspilaar, klip) Am Buachaille is over 65 m high



Isle of Skye:

In walking terms, the Isle of Skye is best known for the Cuillin, a
breathtaking range of mountains on the Minginish peninsula.
But the opportunities for coastal walking are also immensely
varied and high quality, thanks to the island's geography, which
sees its five main peninsulas radiate out in all directions.
Nowhere on Skye are you more than 8 km from the sea.

1. Glen Brittle–Rubh' an Dùnain and back .

Start/Finish: Glen Brittle (beach car park) ...... 13 km/ 4 uur

Topper onder de kustwandelingen:
Zie: Top 10 UK coastal walks.

Low peninsula of rough vegetation and rocky outcrops,
plus quite a few boggy sections.

• This walk out to the low and exposed peninsula of Rubh' an Dùnain
.. from Glen Brittle has plenty of close-up historical interest, with
.. ancient cairns and ruined 19th-century crofts.
• The far-off views include the Small Isles and the southern
.. Outer Hebrides.

Verdere informatie:

2. MacLeod's Maidens ...... 18 ½ km / 6 uur

Start/Finish: Orbost (car park)

Firm forest tracks, then an undulating and occasionally boggy path
out to the rough clifftop.

This route provides a totally different spectacle, with a popular
woodland track out to the high cliffs of the Duirinish peninsula, where
Macleod's Maidens are among the finest sea stacks on Skye.

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.• Rubh' an Dùnain.
.. The exit stream from the loch has at some point been dug as a canal,
.. obviously to enable boats to be dragged up to the safety of the loch.



Isle of Arran:
1. Lochranza
Sannox ........ 16 km/ 5 uur

Topper onder de kustwandelingen:
Zie: Top 10 UK coastal walks.

Low-level coastal track, occasionally boggy at first;
one area of rocks requires some care.

Arran is often described as Scotland in miniature.
.. Everything is in perfect proportion, from the shapely bays and
.. beaches with a scattering of small coastal communities, to the grand
.. central mountain group fashioned by the glaciers.
• If it rains, visit the Heritage Museum.
• There are miles of largely unspoilt and unexplored coastline to
.. discover: the Arran Coastal Way takes advantage of the raised beach
.. that almost encircles the island.
• The section from Lochranza in the north has particularly outstanding
.. views across to Bute and Argyll, and on a clear day the mountains
.. on the mainland stand out crystal-clear.
• This walk is mostly straightforward but does include one short,
.. rock-strewn section.

Verdere informatie:

2. Lagg
Whiting Bay .......... 16 km

Shoreline route including sandy bays and rough grassy sward, but
boulder fields make for hard going in places.
The foot of Bennan Head, by Black Cave, is impassable at high tide.

• The Coastal Way continues along the shore before reaching a
... boulder field (rolsteenveld) and soon after, the Black Cave.
The sea here comes right to the cave at high tide which will
.. determine which route you follow from here.
Eventually it continues along a path along the shore - this is a very
.. pleasant walk and seals can invariably be seen on the rocks. 

An adventurous route follows the coastline around Dippen Head
.. and on to Whiting Bay.

Verdere informatie:


. Kasteelruïne aan de kust bij Lochranza.


. The Ayrshire and Arran Coastal Paths
.... Keith Fergus
.... Cicerone, 2011 (First edition)



. Harvey Superwalker 1: 25,000


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