BRITAIN'S FAVOURITE WALKS TOP 100 Yorkshire and Humber
23 betekent: de wandeling eindigde op de 23ste plek in Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100.
Klik je op dit nummer 23 in de kaart, dan word je doorverbonden met kader 23 hieronder.

De wandelingen uit de Top 10 hebben een oranje nummer gekregen. Hier is dat nummer 3
 Lichtbruin = National Park ...... • Lichtgroen = AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) 
...................................................................... ( the next step down from a National Park).

In de regio Yorkshire and the Humber heb je twee belangrijke nationale parken:
.. het Yorkshire Dales National Park en het North York Moors National Park.
.. (Het Lake District National Park en de North Pennines AONB behoren niet tot deze regio.)



3. Malham Cove and Gordale Scar
Yorkshire Dales National Park......... 12 km ......... middelzwaar

A beautiful countryside walk that’s full of surprises.
Malham Cove and Gordale Scar are two of the most spectacular
geological features in Britain.

This circular walk from the pretty village of Malham visits two geological wonders – Malham Cove and Gordale Scar – in one action-packed walk through the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Malham Cove is a spectacular natural limestone formation which
comprises a curved limestone cliff at the head of a valley.
The limestone pavement at the top is a superb example of later
karst weathering.

Malham Cove
was once a mighty waterfall. A large waterfall flowed
over the edge of the cove as the glacier melted and eroded the lip to
form a curve.
Today underlying cave systems have a large enough capacity to
swallow any water before it reaches the fall, and the stream now
disappears into a ‘sink’ about a mile from the edge.
The last record of water flowing over the fall in an appreciable volume
was in the early part of the 19th century.
The cliffs are popular with climbers and nesting peregrines
(= slechtvalken) , with steep steps leading up the Cove’s left flank to
the spectacular limestone pavement
(kalksteenplaveisel) at the top
with its:
- clints
( rectangular limestone blocks) and
- grikes ( fissures between the rectangular blocks)
(fissures = spleten)
(Walk carefully, to avoid breaking ankles!

Limestone — A hard sedimentary rock that is composed of over 50% carbonate minerals.
A true limestone is over 90% calcite, but there are often other
carbonates (including dolomite) and impurities in the form of sand
grains, clay minerals, etc.
Limestone is laid down in layers or 'beds' separated by 'bedding
planes' and divided up into blocks by a series of joints (fissures
created during the rock formation process) at approximately, right
angles to each other.

Limestone pavement (= kalksteenplaveisel )   area of bedrock
exposed by glacial scouring ( = erosion) and
fashioned by water ( = chemical weathering) into
blocks known as clints separated by fissures known as grikes.

Clints — A rectangular block of limestone in a limestone pavement, separated from the neighbouring blocks by fissures (grykes).

Grikes/Grykes) — Fissures (= spleten)
between the rectangular blocks in a limestone pavement.
These fissures were formed beneath a soil cover by
chemical weathering and are sometimes over a metre in depth.
Grikes may form a microenvironment where unusual plant may
grow, including alpine plants that have managed to live in this
protected environment since the last Ice Ages.

Zie verder de uitgebreide introductie over de Limestone uplands:

From the limestone pavement your route visits Malham Tarn before
heading south to the impressive ravine of Gordale Scar, with its steep
walls and stunning water cascades.
If you’re feeling brave you can scramble down to the base of the gorge,
where a beautiful riverside path leads through woodlands and past the
picture-perfect waterfall of Janet’s Foss back to Malham village.

Take care if you decide to scramble up or down the waterfall at Gordale
. The route is obvious and the handholds are good, but the rocks
can be slippery, particularly after periods of heavy rain.

• Start / finish: at Roadside Parking in Malham.

Malham National Park Cente: heeft brochure van de Malham Trail.

Malham Cove is a cliff of 70 m high and 270 m wide.
A large waterfall flowed over the edge of the cove as the glacier melted and
.. eroded the. lip to form a curve.

Limestone pavement above Malham Cove.
Grykes (fissures = spleten ) formed by the solvent action of rainwater on
.. joints ( = vertikale barsten ) in the limestone.

.Gordale Scar, a dramatic limestone gorge containing two waterfalls with
.. overhanging limestone cliffs more than 300-feet high.



.................................................. Totale stijging = 550 m
Hier heb je upland (= land lying above the limit of enclosed farmland ).


Verdere info:





. . Rother Wandelgids 'Noord-Engeland'
..... Sabine Gilcher
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 30 ..Gordale Scar, Malham Cove en ...
..... Deze tocht behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
......van dit wandelgidsje (zie lijst blz. 9 ).



. .OS Explorer OL2, OL41

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17 Whitby ― Robin Hood's Bay
North York Moors National Park.....11 km ..... middelzwaar

This walk explores the fascinating history of Yorkshire’s rugged coast
on a 7-mile route between the famous fishing ports of Whitby and
Robin Hood’s Bay.
Starting in the historic town of Whitby – where Captain Cook learned
his trade, Bram Stoker found inspiration for his Dracula novel and
Vikings once destroyed the town’s historic abbey – you’ll follow the
Cleveland Way National Trail south towards the fishing village
Robin Hood’s Bay.
Your route follows the edge of towering cliffs that explode with the
sound of seabirds in spring and summer.

The walking isn’t technical but the undulating terrain will give your legs
a good test before you arrive in the picturesque Robin Hood’s Bay.
Its steep cobbled streets were once the scene of a busy smuggling
trade, but are now packed with pubs, cafes, gift shops and an excellent

There’s a regular bus route between Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay so
the walk can be done in either direction, and if you fancy really
stretching your legs you can continue down the coast to Ravenscar,
set high on a beautiful headland.

Whitby en Robin Hood's Bay zijn allebei mooi.
De wandeling ertussen vond ik maar matig.

• Start:
.. Finish:
Robin Hood's Bay.
.. There is a coastal bus.

Map: OS Explorer OL27

Whitby en Robin Hoods Bay zijn mooi, maar
het kustpad daartussen is niet bijzonder.
Neem daarom liever wandeling 8 uit je wandelgidsje.
Dat voert van Whitby noordwaarts naar Staithes.
Dat is wel een echte topper.

.• Whitby is steeped in fishing and maritime history.
.. It has the remains of a 13th-century abbey and was once a leading whaling port,
.. as well as being the base fot Captain James Cook's historic 18th-century voyages
.. to the New world.

in Hood's Bay clings to the steeply sloping hillside.
Het is een schilderachtig dorpje met nauwe kronkelstraatjes.
Bij eb zie je het indrukwekkende brandingsplatform.
Daarop zijn een aantal concentrische cirkels van kleine richels.
Let ook op de grote keien die her en der liggen. Het zijn zwerfkeien meegevoerd
...door het landijs in de laatste ijstijd. Ze komen helemaal uit het Lake district.


.................................................. Totale stijging = 1420 m ?

Verdere info:




. .Rother Wandelgids 'Noord-Engeland'
..... Sabine Gilcher
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 8... Van Whitby naar Staithes
..... Deze tocht behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
......van dit wandelgidsje (zie lijst blz. 9 ).



. .OS Explorer OL27

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23. Roseberry Topping
North York Moors National Park...... 10 km ...... middelzwaar

Two famous landmarks for the price of one on a beautiful walk through ancient woodlands (= eeuwenoud bos) , across dramatic moorland and
up to one of England’s finest summits.

This classic walk visits the iconic North York Moors landmarks of
Captain Cook’s Monument and Roseberry Topping in one circular route.

Captain Cook’s Monument is a 60ft obelisk built in memory of the
legendary British explorer who was born in nearby Marton.

Roseberry Topping may be only 320 metres tall, but this sandstone
little hill looks every inch a mountain.
Affectionately known as the Yorkshire Matterhorn, its rocky crown
and distinctive profile have fired the imagination of many aspiring
young mountaineers.

This beautiful walk starts in the pretty village of Great Ayton before
climbing the hillside to visit Captain Cook’s Monument.
From there you’ll follow the Cleveland Way over Great Ayton Moor
before climbing to the summit of Roseberry Topping, then dropping
down through oak woodlands to your start point.

• Start / finish: Great Ayton or Great Ayton Station

Noord-Engeland (Rother Wandelgids) heeft een zeer korte wan-
deling naar Roseberry Topping vanuit Newton under Roseberry.
Mij spreekt de langere wandeling vanuit Great Ayton meer aan.

Captain Cook’s Monument met rechts daarvan in de verte Roseberry Topping.

Roseberry Topping with
the well trodden path to the summit snaking its way up.
Rechtsachter is Teeside-Middlesbrough. (Je staat ten zuidoosten van Roseberry
.. Topping)


Hier start je in het dorp Great Ayton.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 460 m

Desgewenst start je bij het station van Great Ayton.

Verdere info:




. .Rother Wandelgids 'Noord-Engeland'
..... Sabine Gilcher
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 9 . Roseberry Topping ( 320 m)



. .OS Explorer OL 26

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25. Ingleborough ( 724 m)
Yorkshire Dales National Park......18 km .....mountain .....zwaar

The finest route up the finest hill in the Dales.
The ascent passes legendary caves and beautiful becks, with
stunning 360 views from the summit.

This rugged circular walk is a Yorkshire Dales classic, exploring
Ingleborough’s most famous features on the way to its mighty summit.
With an altitude
(= hoogte boven zeeniveau) of 724m Ingleborough
is the second highest of the legendary Yorkshire Three Peaks, but it’s
by far the most well known peak in the area.

This sprawling giant’s flanks are dotted with:
- limestone pavements
(kalksteenplaveisels) ,
- gills/ghylls
(rivierkloven) (ravines carved by a mountain stream),
- caves
(grotten) , .......................................................................
- sinkholes
, (= A basin in limestone areas down which water disappears.
........................ Other names include swallow hole, or doline. )....
- scars
(kalksteenkliffen) , ..................................

This walk follows Clapham Beck to Trow Gill then passes the famous
cave of Gaping Gill
(ook wel Gaping Ghyll), one of the largest
underground chambers in Britain.
You eventually climb to the summit via smaller the outlying peak of
Little Ingleborough, then return via a different route that heads roughly
east from the top of Ingleborough on the Dales High Way before
sweeping south towards Clapham.
Described by legendary guidebook writer Alfred Wainwright as the
finest of all routes up Ingleborough, this is a must for hill walkers.

Zie vooraf ook de uitgebreide introductie over de Limestone
Nieuw venster engeland_upland-limestone-landscapes

• Start / finish: Clapham.

Map: OS Explorer OL2

. 1. Entrance of Ingleborough Cave.

. 2. Walking up through Trow Gill, a dramatic limestone gorge.

.3. Fell Beck plunges 100m down into the limestone plateau creating
... Britain’s highest unbroken waterfall.
... It lands on the floor of Gaping Gill, the largest cave system in Britain.

4. Ingleborough seen from Little Ingleborough.

5. Ingleborough summit plateau with summit trig and shelter.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 840 m
........Boven op het plateau heb je upland
........(= land lying above the limit of enclosed
farmland ).

Route volgens happyhiker.co.uk

Verdere info:




. ...


. .
OS Landranger OL..

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36. Ingleton Waterfalls Trail
Yorkshire Dales National Park ......7 km (3 - 4 uur)..... licht

One of the finest waterfall walks in Britain, but take some cash
because it costs £6 for adults and £3 for children to access the trail.

The trail follows a well defined footpath with a large number of steps
along the full route.

This 7 km circular walk from the Yorkshire Dales village of Ingleton
visits 4 stunning waterfalls as you stroll through ancient woodlands.

The Ingleton Falls Trail follows a good footpath alongside two rivers
that delivers glorious views of the waterfalls and many of the ancient
limestone and slate base rocks that form the Yorkshire Dales National

You’ll pass Pecca Falls and Thornton Force on the River Twiss and
Beezley Falls and Snow Falls on the River Doe, on a trail that was first developed in the 19th century for visitors arriving in Ingleton by train.

The unique geology of the area, plus its trees, plants and birdlife, have prompted Natural England to declare it a SSSI (= Site of Special
Scientific Interest )

• Start / finish: Car Park in Ingleton

Map: OS Explorer OL2

• Thornton Force plunges 46 feet into the River Twiss.
• It is the best of the many waterfalls found near Ingleton, on the edge
.. of the Yorkshire Dales.

• Note the layer of limestone above the Ingleborough slates.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 540 m



Verdere info:

.. (heeft ook fotogalerij en aantal video's)



. ...


. .
OS Landranger OL..

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39. Grosmont
North York Moors National Park....... 5 km ........ licht

Mix country walking with a steam train journey through a
beautiful landscape of moors, woodlands and becks.

This popular countryside walk follows the old railway line between
Grosmont and Goathland in the heart of the North York Moors National

You’ll stroll through shady woodlands, across moors, past standing
, alongside fast-flowing becks and through the hamlet of
Beck Hole
– with its charming tiny pub and sweet shop – towards
the village of Goathland, made famous by the TV series Heartbeat.

Much of this 3-mile walking route is downhill so it’s easy on your legs,
and you can save your energy even further by catching a steam train
back to your start point on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

The NYMR is a fully accredited museum and operated by a charitable
trust with 550 volunteers, providing a wonderful visitor experience for
tourists all year round.

• Start / finish: Grosmont
.. Walk from Grosmont to Goathland over the moors and walk back
... or catch a train back.

Map: OS Explorer OL27

Spoorwegovergang Grosmont met stoomlocomotief.

. Zo wandelt: http://theoutdoorguide.co.uk/britains-favourite-walks/grosmo....

Zo wandelt: www.happyhiker.co.uk/MyWalks/NorthYorksMoors/Goathlandt...

Verdere info:




. ...


. .
OS Landranger OL..

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49. Brimham Rocks
......Nidderdale AONB.......... 6½ km ........ middelzwaar

Great Yorkshire scenery, great walking and great rock formations.
What more could you want?

This is a beautiful walk from the village of Pateley Bridge to the crazy
gritstone formations of Brimham Rocks.

Grit — A sediment comprising coarse sand grains.

Gritstone (Millstone grit) — A coarse-grained sandstone.

The amazing balancing rock towers were created by an enormous river
that dominated this landscape around 100 million years before
dinosaurs walked the Earth, with wind and ice sculpting them into the
weird and wonderful shapes found at Brimham Rocks today.

There are many walking trails in the area, and you can drive to the rocks
if you’re feeling lazy, but this route from Pateley Bridge allows you to
savour a classic Yorkshire landscape. Stop off at the village’s famous
sweet shop to stock up on treats before setting off, then wander
through a mixture of rivers, moors, valleys and woodlands on your way
to the Brimham Rocks SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

One of the north of England’s natural wonders, the rocks are a mass of
giant gritstone boulders eroded into strange forms.

There are a range of trails around the area but the route from the village
of Pateley Bridge is a walk which takes you along rivers, moors, valleys
and woodlands.

• Start:
Pateley Bridge
.. Finish:
Brimham Moor
.. The Brimham Explorer 825 bus runs direct to Brimham Rocks from
.. Ripon, Fountains Abbey and Pateley Bridge; but always check the
.. timetables before relying on it for your return journey.

Map: OS Explorer 298


. .
.................................................. Totale stijging = 300 m

Verdere info:





. ...


. .
OS Landranger OL..

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50. Bempton Cliffs
..... RSPB Reserve..... 19 km ..... middelzwaar

5 km schitterende krijtrotsen (soms tot 120 m, de hoogste van
Brittannië) ten noordwesten van Flamborough Head, Humberside.
Het zijn de meest zuidelijk gelegen zeevogelrotsen aan de oostkust,
met de enige broedkolonie jan-van-genten op het Britse vasteland.
In het broedseizoen krioelen de richels van de nestelende vogels.

Bempton Cliffs is the best place in England to experience the hustle
and bustle of a breeding seabird colony.
Every year from March to October more than 200,000 birds nest on
the towering white chalk
(= krijt) cliffs, including:

- Puffin = Papegaaiduiker

- Kittiwake=

- Herring gull= Zilvermeeuw

- Gannet =

- Guillemot = Zeekoet

- Razorbill =

- Fulmar= Noordse stormvogel

- Shag =

Walk the well-maintained paths and visit the six viewing platforms
along 3 miles of chalk cliffs as these are the best spots.
A visit to the protected area in summer is an experience you will never
forget. The sight, sound and even smell of 200,000 breeding seabirds
will remain with you for a long time !

See also the remains of the RAF radio station, the haunting shipwrecks
along the coast and the lighthouse at Flamborough Head.

Seals and porpoises are common sights from the cliff-tops, with walkers
also reporting sights of basking sharks and whales lurking in the depths.

From Flamborough Head you can either retrace your steps along the
cliffs, or follow inland country lanes back to the RSPB reserve and its
welcoming cafe.

• Start / finish: the car park at the RSPB’s Bempton Cliffs nature reserve.

. A well-maintained path with six viewing platforms.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 1060 m

Verdere info:





. .Rother Wandelgids 'Noord-Engeland'
..... Sabine Gilcher
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 1 ...Flamborough Head
..... Deze tocht doet het zuidelijke deel.
..... Ze behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
......van dit wandelgidsje (zie lijst blz. 9 ).



. .OS Explorer 301, 295

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54. Richmond - Reeth
..... .Yorkshire Dales National Park.... 7 km ...... middelzwaar
A wonderful Dales day walk, but beware – it may convince you to
tackle all 190 miles of the Coast to Coast!

This linear walk follows a stunning section of Alfred Wainwright’s
famous Coast to Coast Walk from Richmond to Reeth in the
Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The entire Coast to Coast Walk runs for 190 miles from St Bees in
Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, but this popular section
provides a great single day walk in Lower Swaledale in the north-eastern
corner of the Dales.

Starting in the historic market town of Richmond – with its Georgian architecture and Norman castle – and exploring the cascading rivers,
ruins and meadows of Lower Swaledale, this route shows off everything
that makes the Dales such a popular place to walk.

You’ll finish in the village of Reeth, which marks the meeting point of Swaledale and Arkengarthdale, and is described as a natural amphi-
theatre. This former Saxon settlement is a wonderful place to end the
walk, where you can unwind in a comfy pub with a pint and a
home-cooked meal.

• Start:
.. Finish:
.. There is a bus between Richmond and Reeth.

Maps: OS Explorer OL30 , 304 , 302

. Reeth, the largest village in Swaledale:
... - Vooraan: . the large sloping village green with the houses and church on its fringes.
... - Daarachter:....the hay meadows ( full of wildflowers in June !).
.............................These fields are surrounded by dry stone walls and dotted with stone
............................. field barns to store the hay.

....- En bovenaan:..the upland heathland ( the wild, open heather moorland).

. .
........................................... Totale stijging = 660 m

Verdere info:



. ...


. .
OS Landranger OL..

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61. Grassington
.....Yorkshire Dales National Park..... 15½ km....... middelzwaar

A hell of a lot of Dales landscape packed into one relatively short
circular route. Grassington is a wonderful place for walkers.

This circular walk in the Yorkshire Dales National Park starts in the
pretty village of Grassington and visits Linton Falls, Kilnsey Crag and
Conistone Dib.

If you’ve never visited Grassington, start planning your trip now.
The narrow streets of this beautiful stone village in Upper Wharefdale
are packed with pubs, cafes and shops – making it an ideal location
for walkers planning to explore the Dales on foot.
The impressive cascades of Linton Falls lie to the south of the village,
and as you follow this route north you’ll begin to appreciate the area’s
stunning limestone scenery at Kilnsey Crag and the narrow gorge of
Conistone Dib.
Not to be confused with Coniston in the Lake District, Conistone village
is a lovely place to stroll through, with the fast-flowing waters of the
River Wharfe a regular companion for much of this beautiful route.
If you want to add some variety to your walk then explore trees and
wildlife of Grass Wood Nature Reserve – the largest area of broad-
leaved woodland in the Dales – on your return journey to Grassington.

Zie vooraf ook de uitgebreide introductie over de Limestone
.... engeland_upland-limestone-landscapes

• Start / finish: Grassington


Kilnsey Crag is one of Wharfedale's most prominent landmarks.
• It is a truncated spur
(= afgeknot spoor).
.. The end of a protruding nose of limestone was effectively trimmed off by the
.. Wharfedale Glacier some 12,000 years ago.
• The overhang has always been a serious challenge for climbers.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 370 m

Verdere info:



. .Rother Wandelgids 'Noord-Engeland'
..... Sabine Gilcher
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 32 .Tussen Conistone en Grassington
..... ( Dit is het noordelijke deel )



. .OS Explorer OL2

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69. Brontë Way
..... Yorkshire ........ 13½ km ....... upland ....... middelzwaar

This walk explores Haworth and the Haworth Moors made famous by
the Brontë sisters.

Haworth is the village where the Brontë sisters – Charlotte, Anne and
Emily – lived and wrote, surrounded by the dramatic moorlands that
inspired their legendary literary work.
The Parsonage was their home, nowadays a museum.
Haworth itself is a lovely village to explore, with its steep cobbled main
street, quirky shops and good pubs.

Set off from the village to Haworth Moor and walk along the
landscapes that feature in their stories.

You’ll reach the Brontë Waterfall first, which is a stunning spot
famously described by Charlotte Brontë as a
‘perfect torrent racing over the rocks, white and beautiful’.
This small fall is best to visit after heavy rain with water flowing fast down
the rocks, as it can slow to a trickle in the dry summer months.

From the fall keep heading up to Top Withens, a ruined farmhouse
said to have been the inspiration for Wuthering Heights in
Emily Brontë’s novel.

You’ll follow the Pennine Way for part of the return journey, passing
Lower Laithe Reservoir before finishing back in Haworth.

Keep an eye out for birds as you walk, with peregrines
(slechtvalken) ,
(wulpen), merlins (smellekens), and golden plovers all
breeding around Haworth Moor.

And remember to pack your waterproofs because these hills are
renowned for being wet !

Haworth a former textile manufacturing village, was the home of
the Bronte family.
The Parsonage where the sisters lived, is now the Brontë Museum displaying their rooms, furniture, cloths and personal possessions. 

The museum is well worth a visit and illustrates the life of the whole
Brontë family using exhibits, pictures and displays. You will leave
feeling that you understand their life and not just the famous books.

Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë were the authors of some of our greatest books, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of
Wildfell Hall
were all written at the Parsonage.

The Haworth village main street now forms an extension to the
museum and reflects the Bronte influence with period settings and
many shops selling souvenirs.

Haworth is still much the same size as when the Brontë's lived there
from 1820 to 1861. The steep cobbled street still links the church
and parsonage in the old village at the top of the hill, with the mill
town in the village below.

• Start / finish: Haworth.

Maps: OS Explorer OL21 , 297

.• Brontë Parsonage, Haworth,
. This was the place where astonishing art was created by three sisters.

AnneEmily en Charlotte Brontë, geschilderd door hun broer Branwell (ca. 1834).

.• Top Withens, Haworth Moor (upland acid grassland and upland heathland).
. This ruined farmhouse said to have been the inspiration for Wuthering Heights
.. in Emily Brontë's novel.

.• Top Wit
hens in the 1920s.


.................................................. Totale stijging = 440 m
...... Hier heb je upland (= land lying above the limit of enclosed farmland.)


Verdere info:




. .Rother Wandelgids 'Noord-Engeland'
..... Sabine Gilcher
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 36 ..Haworth Moor en Top Withens
..... Deze tocht vertrekt vanaf de parkeerplaats
aan de Moor Side Lane.



. .OS Explorer OL21

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81. Leeds & Liverpool Canal
Yorkshire........ 25½ km ....... middelzwaar (vanwege lengte)

Skipton to Saltaire
A popular section along this 127 mile canal includes a visit to Saltaire,
.. a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.
.. On the outskirts of Keighley you can see the Bingley Five-Rise Locks,
.. one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Waterways’.

This canal was planned to be the first to cross the Pennines. 
.. Its construction was decided in 1770 and already in 1773; the first 
.. stretch from Skipton to Bingley was opened. It was a stretch with no
.. locks, though!
.. Then, works were suspended several times for the lack of money.
.. Only 46 years later, the canal was finally opened. It was the last one
.. in this area and the costs for it were five times higher than planned.
.. The biggest handicap was then the complexity and variety of the route.
.. Today, exactly these handicaps make this canal to be one of the most
.. interesting waterways at all.

• Start: Skipton.
.. Finish:
.. There is a bus.

Map: OS Explorer OL21

Noord-Engeland (Rother Wandelgidsen) heeft van het
Leeds & Liverpool Canal ook een korte wandeling van 3 uur:
Tocht 35 . Leeds & Liverpool Canal bij Gargrave.
Dit ligt ongeveer 5 km ten noordwesten van Skipton.
Kaart: OS Explorer OL2

.Salts Mill , Saltaire.

Bingley Five-Rise Locks (= sluizen).


Verdere info:




. ...


. .
OS Landranger OL..

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