Klik je op nummer 73 in de kaart, dan word je doorverbonden met kader 73 hieronder.
 73 betekent: de wandeling stond op de 73ste plaats in Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100.
 Lichtbruin = National Park. In Zuidwest-Engeland heb je drie nationale parken: 
..Dartmoor National Park ..... Exmoor National Park ..... New Forest National Park.

• Lichtgroen = AONB ( Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ) 
................. ..... ( the next step down from a National Park).

19. Old Harry Rocks (offshore chalk stacks)
......Dorset AONB.......... 16 km ........... middelzwaar

............................................... Totale stijging 430 m.

Everything that’s great about England’s Jurassic coast wrapped up
in one circular walk – great views, great beaches, great wildlife and
iconic landmarks
(= markante objecten)

At the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast towards Studland Bay, the
( = krijt) cliffs have been dramatically eroded into a series of
offshore chalk stacks
(= brandingspilaren, klippen) called
Old Harry Rocks.

These stacks are one of the most famous landmarks on the
Jurassic Coast.

This circular walk visits these offshore chalk stacks together with
the golden sands of Studland Bay.

You can make this route as long or short as you like.
Starting from Studland you can simply make the short stroll along
the coast to Old Harry Rocks and back;
or take in the entire 16 km circular route that leads to the north around Studland Bay, crossing golden sandy beaches and exploring
internationally important heathlands.

On a fine summer day you’ll see butterflies flitting and bees buzzing
among the wildflowers.
On a fine day you’ll get views:
- across to The Needles and the Isle of Wight,
- along the ancient Dorset coastline and
- inland over the Purbeck countryside.
It’s a wonderful place.

(Dit stuk kust behoort ook tot de top-10 kwetsbare plekken
kustafslag in Groot-Brittannië)

• Start / finish: Studland: National Trust car park.

Chalk (= krijt) cliffs and stacks at Handfast Point.
• Krijt is een fijnkorrelige, witte kalksteensoort, die uit de skeletten van
.. microscopisch plankton bestaat.
Chalk is generally considered a soft rock, but it is surprisingly resistant to marine
.. erosion.and forms towering vertical cliffs along the coast.
• The string of sea stacks (= brandingspilaren) that trail out onto the sea off the
.. point here formed after the last ice age.

Sea stacks like Old Harry form when slightly harder areas of rock resist erosion
.. whilst everything else around them is worn away. Eventually these stacks will
.. collapse but new ones will replace them. Ongoing erosion like this is the main
.. reason the coast is so. beautiful.
At some point in the last 20,000 years the sea breached the chalk ridge that
.. would have. stretched across to the Isle of Wight.
.. It probably did this by flooding up river channels that had cut down through
.. the chalk.
.. Once this natural barrier was breached the land behind was submerged,
.. creating the.Solent. The chalk was slowly stripped back to create the coastline

.. we see now.

A general view of Old Harry Rocks ( a series of chalk stacks

.. (= brandingspilaren, klippen)
jutting into the sea.
The progressive erosion of the headland can be seen, from the caves

.. (= brandingsgrotten)
etched out at.the waterline, to the enlarged hollows on
.. the main stack , and eventually
. the isolated, .pillars of rock
(letterlijk rotspilaren, dus brandingspilaren, klippen).

• A detail from the shot above, the stack (= brandingspilaar, klip),
.. arch
(= brandingsboog) and some wave-cut platform (= brandingsplatform) ,
.. exposed at low tide.

Chalk stacks
( = brandingspilaren, klippen) are formed where the sea erodes
.. coastal rocks over thousands of years and isolates pieces of cliff.

Verdere info:


.. (heeft een kortere route met daarvan een mooi kaartje)


. .Rother Wanderführer 'England Süd'
......Sabine Gilcher,
.... .Bergverlag Rother.

... Tour 38 ...Studland
....Deze tocht behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
....van de wandelgids. Zie op blz. 11 de Top-Touren.

Deze wandeling doet het noordelijke deel.
Om onverklaarbare redenen lopen ze niet langs
Old Harry en The Pinnacles.


. OS Explorer OL15

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20. Lizard Peninsula (Schiereiland Lizard)
......Cornwall AONB.......... 12 ½ km ........... middelzwaar


............................................... Totale stijging 640 m.

This circular walk explores the Lizard Peninsula – mainland Britain’s
most southerly point – with its sandy bays, jagged rocks and pretty

A quick glance at the map picks out plenty of weird and wonderful
place names including Lion’s Den, Devil’s Frying Pan and Hot Point,
providing a glimpse into the Lizard’s fascinating history.

This was once a place of pirates, smugglers and shipwrecks, where
tales of sunken treasure are still told.
The Lizard is famous for its local serpentine stone and spectacular
wildlife, with breeding chough
(Alpenkraai) on the land and dolphins,
porpoises and whales patrolling the sea.
(De Alpenkraai roept tsjuf. Dit heeft hem zijn Engelse naam gegeven.)

This route hugs the coast for much of its 12 ½ km length, exploring
some of the most rugged and historical cliffs, bays and beaches in
The walk isn’t too challenging, but there are some steep sections to
get your heart racing.

• Start / finish: National Trust Lizard Point Car Park.
Route: Lizard Point - Kynance Cove - Cadgwith - Lizard Point

e Cove.

Cadgwith. Er was hier overal fijn gaas over de rieten daken gespannen, om
.. het nestelen
van vogels te verhinderen.

Verdere info:


...( Deze heeft de route in de omgeving van Cadgwith wat gewijzigd)



. .Rother Wandelgids 'Cornwall - Devon'
..... Christian Gögler,
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

... Tocht 23 en 24 (beide gedeeltelijk)
... Deze wandelingen op het schiereiland Lizard
... behoren tot de mooiste wandelingen
....van dit wandelgidsje (zie lijst blz. 10 ).



. OS Explorer 103 The Lizard

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24. St Ives Zennor.... South West Coast Path
......Cornwall AONB.......... 19 ½ km ........... middelzwaar


............................................... Totale stijging 760 m.

A tough but spectacular walk on one of England’s most popular sections
of coast. St Ives is a wonderful town, so take some time to explore it.

This popular Cornwall walk follows the South West Coast Path that
hugs the coast along rocky cliffs from the harbour town of St Ives to
the historic village of Zennor.

This is a technically simple but physically tough walking route, with
several steep sections that will give your legs a proper workout.
(There are rollercoaster climbs as the Coast Path plunges down
towering cliffs into beautiful coves and back up again.)

The landscape is beautifully wild and rugged and the area around
the parish of Zennor is designated an AONB (Area of Outstanding
Natural Beauty).
The path can be narrow and rough in places and all amenities
require inland detours, so it is advisable to allow plenty of time and
stock up on provisions at the beginning of the day.

This fascinating landscape has been inhabited for more than
4,000 years and you’ll spot relics of its industrial history as you walk
– from farming and fishing to quarrying and mining.

Your return route from Zennor follows a shorter line across fields
instead of hugging the coast, but if your legs don’t fancy it you can
get back to St Ives by bus or taxi.

The town of St Ives is one of Cornwall’s most famous destinations,
with its golden beaches, lush vegetation, working harbour, galleries, exhibitions, cafes and pubs attracting tourists from all over the world.

• Start / finish: St Ives.

St Ives, gedeelte van de haven.

Pendour Cove and Veor Cove near to Zennor Head.


Verdere info:




. .


. OS Explorer 102 Land's End

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47. Mawgan Porth Harlyn
.. .. .Cornwall AONB.......... 18 km ........... middelzwaar

............................................... Totale stijging 600 m.

This glorious coastal walk follows the ragged and rocky Cornwall coastline alongside turquoise Atlantic waters.

Running for 18 km on the South West Coast Path through a landscape
of headlands with cliffs and bays with golden beaches at their back.
This is a strenuous but exhilarating route.

The birdlife is stunning with:
- razorbills
(= alken) and
- guillemots
(= zeekoeten) nesting on cliffs and
- corn buntings
(= grauwe gorzen) making a comeback further inland,
and history lovers can lose themselves in tales of smugglers plying
their trade in the shadowy caves among the sea stacks
(= brandingspilaren) and arches (= brandingsbogen) far below.

A particular highlight is the view over the prominent slate stacks of
Bedruthan Steps near the start of the route, but that’s just one of
many memorable spots on this wild Atlantic walk.

• Start: Mawgan Porth Beach,
.. Finish:


At low tide Bedruthan Steps Beach stretches for over a mile with plenty of
.. interesting
nooks and crannies.
As the numerous warning signs point out the cliffs are dangerous as are the tides
.. and there is a good deal of potential to become cut off at high tide

ruthan Steps Beach on low tide with amazing sea stacks (= brandingspilaren).
It gets it's name from the huge slate outcrops scattered along the beach and not
.. the number of steps you need to go down to get to the beach. It is said that the
.. outcrops were put there by Bedruthan, a giant, and used as stepping stones.

Verdere info:



. .


. OS Explorer 106 Newquay & Padstow

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52. Bath City Walk
.. .. .World Heritage Site......... 9 km ........... licht

The free Bath City Centre Map

This short walk explores the historic city centre of Bath – famous for
its honey-coloured Georgian architecture and iconic Roman spas.

Such is Bath’s historical importance the entire city has been declared
a World Heritage Site, and this walk explores all of the main highlights
including hidden waterways and the world-famous Royal Crescent.

One of the great appeals of Bath’s city centre is its compact nature,
meaning you can explore the majority of it on foot in a short space of
Bath is overflowing with museums, galleries, and theatres, so you
won’t be short of distractions on this walk.

And since the city’s Thermae Bath Spa houses the only natural hot
springs in the country, don’t forget to treat yourself to a dip before
you leave…

• Start / finish: Stall Street

The Great Bath.
The entire structure above t
he level of the pillar bases is a later construction.

River Avon, the weir and Pulteney Bridge.

Verdere info:



. .Rother Wandelgids 'England Süd'
......Sabine Gilcher,
.... .Bergverlag Rother.

... Tour 34 ...Bath (stadswandeling)


. Download the Free Bath City Centre Map
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57. Bowerman's Nose
.. .. .Dartmoor National Park.......... .. km .................

De Rother Wandelgids, Or
dnance Survey en The Outdoor Guide
hebben alle drie een andere wandelroute in de buurt van het
Haytor National park information centre.
Daarom stel ik voor om bij het bezoekerscentrum te vragen naar de
beste route.

1. De wandeling volgens Ordnance Survey:

.... https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/1684216/OS-Re....

....Dartmoor National Park.......... 15 ½ km ........... middelzwaar

.................................................. Totale stijging = 500 m
..... Dartmoor heeft ( evenals Exmoor en Bodmin Moor) upland
..... (upland = land lying above the limit of enclosed farmland.)

2. De wandeling volgens The Outdoor Guide:
.. .

This legendary walk to the granite column of Bowerman’s Nose was
the inspiration behind Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of the

Dartmoor is a wild, weird and wonderful place to walk – full of rocky
tors, drystone walls, rolling hills, babbling streams, folded valleys,
wild ponies and even wilder moors.

Bowerman’s Nose is one of the National Park’s more iconic and
recognisable rock formations – a tall granite stack standing proudly
near the top of Hayne Down.
Legend has it the tower was formed when a group of witches turned
a local hunter named Bowerman to stone, with the loose rocks
scattered around the base of Bowerman’s Nose all that’s left of his
faithful hunting dogs that were also cursed by the witches.

There are no necromancers, wild dogs or fictional detectives here
today though – just a luscious and fascinating landscape and a walk
that follows a stretch of the Two Moors Way past prehistoric
hut circles
, menhirs (standing stones) and stone rows.
This is a longish route that also takes in Hound Tor, Jay’s Grave and Grimspound, so take plenty of food and water and don’t forget your

• Start / finish: Carpark Haytor National park information centre
.......................... Illsington, Newton Abbot, TQ13 9XS

The granite column of Bowerman’s Nose in Dartmoor National Park was
.. the inspiration behind
Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Hound Tor.

Tor (= granietklip) In some places on the moors of south-west England,
erosion has worn away the surface rocks and soil to expose granite.
This forms a rock-strewn hill, high on the moors.

Verdere info:



. .Rother Wandelgids 'Cornwall - Devon'
..... Christian Gögler,
..... Elmar Uitgeverij.

..... Tocht 6 ...Haytor Rocks (457 m)
..... Deze tocht behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
......van dit wandelgidsje (zie lijst blz. 10 ).



. OS Explorer OL28

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58. Brockenhurst...... 5,2 km ........... licht

This circular woodland walk explores the exotic giant redwood trees of Rhinefield Ornamental Drive in the New Forest National Park.
The New Forest is well known for its ancient oak, ash and beech woodlands, but in the mid-1800s a forest worker planted an abundance of sequoia redwoods, conifers, azaleas & rhododendrons in the grounds of Rhinefield to create the famous Ornamental Drive that’s still visible today.

Although not native trees, the giant redwoods have grown to be the tallest trees in the National Park and are a mightily impressive sight for anyone who explores this wonderful woodland walkway.

The walk also visits Blackwater Arboretum, a small clearing where you can relax on wooden benches surrounded by a remarkable selection of trees sourced from all around the world.

The nearby village of Brockenhurst has been named ‘Britain’s most beautiful place to live’ thanks to its stunning surroundings, inviting pubs and the ponies, deer, donkeys and cows that happily roam its streets; so make sure you visit before you head home!

• Start / finish: Rhinefield Ornamental Drive.

Map: OS Explorer OL22

Black Water.

Het New Forest: een bosweide met stukken oud natuurbos.

New Forest is een parklandschap met een grote variatie aan vegetatiestructuren. Deze grote variatie wordt behalve door de bodemverschillen ook door begrazing veroorzaakt.
Het grootste deel van het gebied (ca. 20.000 ha) wordt intensief begraasd door pony's en runderen. Het overige deel (ca. 17.500 ha) is enclosed (ingerasterd ; omheind), zodat deze dieren geen toegang hebben.
New Forest is een mozaïek van bos, heide en grasland dat al eeuwenlang begraasd wordt. Het is het grootste stuk 'woeste' grond in het Engelse laagland.

De bodems van het gebied zijn veelal arme podzolgronden, die sterk lijken op de Veluwse bodems. Er zijn echter ook voorbeelden van dalveenbodems, o.a. bij de Beaulieu River.

De bossen hebben Zomereik en Beuk als dominante boomsoorten. Verder groeien er veel Wintereiken en Ruwe - en Zachte berk. In de beekbegeleidende bossen staan ook Zwarte elzen. Er zijn vele imposante eeuwenoude bomen.

In tweederde van het gebied, waaronder in de dorpen, grazen vrij levende landbouwhuisdieren, zoals de 5000 New Forest pony's en de ca 2000 runderen. Deze lopen ook gewoon vrij over de campings.
Daarnaast leven er in het New Forest ook wilde grote zoogdieren, zoals edelherten, reeën, damherten, sikaherten en dassen. De bever en het wilde zwijn ontbreken nog. Deze soort zijn in grote delen van Engeland verdwenen, maar zijn bezig aan een comeback.

Sinds 1087 wordt er in New Forest vee ingeschaard. Toen werd het gebied als Royal Hunting Forest aangewezen (forest betekent hier niet bos, maar jachtgebied). Het is dus al zo'n 9 eeuwen (beschermd) bosgebied.
Ter compensatie voor het verbod op het omzetten in landbouwgrond kregen de inwoners (Commoners) het recht pony's en runderen te laten grazen.
aan het einde van de 15e eeuw groeide de belangstelling voor houtproductie. Ter bescherming tegen vraat is men toen gestart met het uitrasteren van het bos. Deze houtproductiefunctie is steeds belangrijker geworden waardoor een zeer versnipperd patroon van beweide en onbeweide delen is ontstaan.
Nu zijn er ongeveer 300 Commoners die hun vee inscharen. De veedichtheid fluctueerde in het verleden flink. Door ziekten of malaise kon in sommige perioden de dichtheid van de dieren aanzienlijk dalen. Deze schommelingen zijnn nu nog te herkennen in de leftijdsopbouw van de bomen

. .


. OS Explorer OL22

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73. Broadway Tower (313 m)
......Cotswolds AONB.......... 2 uur ........... licht

.................................................. Totale stijging = 240 m

This short, popular circular walk from Broadway village takes in
Broadway Tower – a spectacular viewpoint over Worcestershire.

Set among 50 acres of woodland in Broadway Tower Country Park,
the tower itself is the highest castle in the Cotswolds and was the
brainchild of 18th century landscape designer Capability Brown.

Positioned to look out over a medieval trading route,
Broadway Tower has had many uses over the years including a
printing press, holiday retreat for artists, and an air force observation
point during the Cold War years.

Today Broadway Tower largely exists as a tourist attraction, with
a café, gift shop, restored nuclear bunker, graphic art galleries, and
resident herd of red deer among the highlights for visitors.

This walk follows a short stretch of the Cotswold Way National trail
on historic paths that lead to the tower, with magical views across
the Severn valley.
Broadway Tower stands 312 metres above sea level with a visual
panorama stretching for 62 miles. And if that doesn’t make a good
walk, we’re not sure what does!

• Start / finish: Parkeerplaats Churchstreet in Broadway.

• Purple flowering wisteria on a Cotswold stone house wall in the village of Broadway

Broadway Tower (313 m) sits at
the top of Broadway Hill, the second highest point in
.. the Cotswolds.. It is a beautiful view point.
• De toren is gemaakt van honey-coloured (honingkleurige) limestone en is een folly.

Verdere info:



. .Rother Wandelgids 'England Mitte'
......Edith Kreutner,
.... .Bergverlag Rother.

Tour 30 ....Broadway Tower (313 m)


. .OS Explorer OL45 The Cotswolds

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74. St Mary's Coast Path, Isles of Scilly
......Isles of Scilly AONB .......... 16 km ........... lichte wandeling


Een zéér ingesneden (= grillige) kustlijn, waarbij strand en rotsen elkaar afwisselen.

This 10-mile walk follows the perimeter of the island of St Mary’s in
the Isles of Scilly, passing picturesque beaches, pretty villages and
rocky cliff-tops.

The entire Isles of Scilly archipelago has been designated as an AONB
(Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), and St Mary’s alone has more
than 30 miles of nature trails to explore on foot.

St Mary’s is the lsle of Scilly’s largest island with a population of 1,800.
Hugh Town is its central hub – with air and sea links, galleries and
museum – but for walkers there is so much more to discover.
The island is a birdwatcher’s paradise and the coastline is a mixture
of sweeping white sand beaches, rocky coves, rugged cliffs and
fascinating archaeological sites.
A sense of history abounds on St Mary’s – with tales of raiding pirates,
lost treasure, Bronze Age settlements and a coastline littered with the
remains of shipwrecks.

But it’s the wildlife that draws so many walkers to the Isles of Scilly.
Basking sharks
(= reuzenhaaien), dolphins, puffins (papegaaiduikers)
and grey seals are just some of the amazing St Mary’s residents you
could meet on this magical island walk.

Highlight: the viewing tower, lighthouse and rock formations at
.................... Peninnis Head
(the southernmost point of St Mary’s).

• Start / finish: ......

Video op YouTube:

Die Inseln der Queen: Scilly-Inseln.


Mitten im Golfstrom, fast 50 Kilometer südwestlich von Land’s End, dem südlichsten Ort Großbritanniens, liegen die Isles of Scilly: 140 zum Teil winzige Inseln, von denen nur fünf bewohnt sind.
Türkisblaues Meer, traumhafte Naturlandschaften und subtropische Temperaturen machen sie zu Englands sonnigem Paradies.
Die rund 2.200 Bewohner der Isles of Scilly möchten nirgendwo anders leben trotz höherer Lebenshaltungskosten und niedrigerer Löhne als auf dem Festland.
Über die Jahrhunderte haben die Scillonians erstaunlichen Erfindungsreichtum darin entwickelt, sich auf den abgeschiedenen Inseln ein Einkommen zu sichern. Viele haben mehrere Beschäftigungen, sind Musiker und Koch, Winzer und Hummerfischer, Tischler und Schiffswrackjäger.
Die Riffe und Strömungen vor den Scilly-Inseln galten als die gefährlichsten der Welt und wurden vielen Schiffen zum Verhängnis. Mehr als 800 sind hier gesunken, einige wurden bis heute nicht gefunden ein Eldorado für Taucher und Abenteurer.
Die größte Berühmtheit der Inselgruppe ist eine Polizeistation auf der Hauptinsel St. Mary’s. Sergeant Colin Taylor hat sie mit seinen lustigen Facebook-Posts und einem höchst unterhaltsamen Buch auf der ganzen Welt bekannt gemacht.
Ein weiteres Highlight ist der exotische Abbey Garden auf der Insel Tresco.
Er gilt als einer der schönsten Gärten Englands mit über 20.000 Blumen und Palmen aus den entlegensten Gebieten der Erde. (Text: arte)


• Peninnis Head. On the tip of the headland is a squat lighthouse.

Bij deze kaap zie je mooie granietrotsen.

Verdere info:



. .Isles of Scilly
Paddy Dillon,
Cicerone Press, 2018 (Reprint)
Gewoonlijk houdt men in deze gids de achter-
info goed gescheiden van de route-
. Ook heeft ze een handig formaat.
Daarom kies ik voor deze uitgever.


. OS Explorer 101

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83. Clifton Suspension Bridge............ 11 km ........... licht

.............................................. Totale stijging = 560 m

This beautiful city walk explores the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge
and the leafy tranquillity of Leigh Woods on the outskirts of Bristol.

Despite a growing population more than half a million people, Bristol
is an excellent city to explore on foot with some great spots where
you can escape the hustle and bustle.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge certainly ticks that box.
Located on the western fringe of the city overlooking the grand
Georgian townhouses of Clifton village, this Grade 1 listed building
is Bristol’s most recognisable landmark
(= markant object).

Built 150 years ago and spanning the deep trench of the Avon Gorge,
this former toll bridge – designed by the great Victorian engineer
Brunel – is a magnificent sight and attracts visitors from all over the

This walk goes both over and under the bridge and visits the
Leigh Woods
NNR (National Nature Reserve) , where you can stroll through the
broadleaf woodlands on a high plateau that delivers great views
across the city and beyond.
You’ll stroll beneath oak and ash leaves, with carpets of bluebells in
the spring and magnificent red and golden colours in autumn.
There are open grassy glades
(= open plekken) too, often occupied
by the resident North Devon Cattle, and plenty of places to stop for
a picnic.

When you return to the city check out the nearby cathedral with
its famous Norman chapterhouse with its
with its magnificent
Georgian architecture.

• Start / finish: ......

Map: OS Explorer 155

Verdere info:



. .


. OS ...

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87. Stonehenge
......World Heritage Site.......... 10 ½ km ........... licht

There are over a thousand surviving stone circles in the UK and this atmospheric amble leads you from the town of Amesbury to the
nation’s most iconic.
It also features the chance to approach the stones via The Avenue,
the ancient processional route used by walkers over 5000 years ago.

You’ll walk through a beautiful green landscape from the pretty town
of Amesbury that sits on the banks of the River Avon, with the
undoubted highlight of the route being the chance to explore one of
the world’s best-known prehistoric monuments.

The iconic Stone Circle is the centrepiece of the Stonehenge and
Avebury World Heritage Site, dating back some 4,500 years.
There are many myths and legends about how the standing stones
arrived in Wiltshire, but whatever the truth is Stonehenge remains
an absolute masterpiece of engineering by people who would have
used basic tools almost unimaginable today.

Your walk starts in unspectacular fashion by burrowing beneath the
underpass at the A303 roundabout, but after that it’s countryside
and landmarks all the way. You’ll pass Old King Barrows cemetery
before heading along The Avenue to Stonehenge, where you’ll need
to buy a ticket from English Heritage if you want to enter.

Your return journey crosses the 3km-long Neolithic Cursus monument,
which predates Stonehenge itself by several hundred years, before
following a stretch of dismantled railway back to Amesbury.

Zéér mooie video in de serie BBC Timewatch (54 minutes):

Nieuw venster www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulGbnilsvh8
Mocht deze link geblokkeerd zijn, google dan naar:
.bbc timewatch stonehenge om hem via een andere link te bekijken.

• Start / finish: ......

Verdere info:





. .Rother Wandelgids 'England Süd'
......Sabine Gilcher,
.... .Bergverlag Rother.

... Tour 30 ...Stonehenge
....Deze tocht behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
....van de wandelgids. Zie op blz. 11 de Top-Touren.



. OS Explorer 130

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92. Gloucester & Sharpness Canal...... 25 ½ km ........... licht




This walk follows the waterway that connects the Roman city of
Gloucester to the English port of Sharpness.
When it was built in the 1800’s it was the broadest and deepest canal
in the world.
On the walk there are spectacular views of the Severn Estuary, the
Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds.

• Start / finish: ......

• Start .....
.. Finish

Map: OS Explorer OL14











Verdere info:



. .


. OS ...

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