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Lichtbruin = National Parks .......... Lichtgroen = Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
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Church Bay – Moelfre .......... 47 km / 2-3 dagen

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Zie: Top 10 UK coastal walks.

Mainly low, grass-topped cliffs and rocky foreshore,
plus sandy bays and a few lanes.

• Anglesey's low, flat interior is a curiously empty land of rolling green
fields and whitewashed buildings that feels more akin to Cornwall than
• For the walker, it's the 201 km of coastline that sets the island apart,
varying from a low shoreline of dunes and fields in the south to the
undulating cliff terrain, pebble coves and sandy bays along the north and
east coasts.
• The northern coast forms the basis for this walk.
Highlights include views of Holy Island, sea stacks
(= brandingspilaren, klippen) and caves (= brandingsgrotten) ,
the Cemlyn nature reserve and Point Lynas lighthouse.
Amlwch is about halfway, and has hotels and B&Bs.

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Looking down on Cemaes Bay.



Broad Haven Porthgain ........... 53 km / 3 dagen

Rugged and sometimes challenging cliff scenery,
although the high-level path is generally quite firm and
interspersed with pleasant sandy bays.

Pembrokeshire is unique among Britain's national parks in being predominantly coastal - nowhere in it are you more than 16 km from the sea.
• It also boasts the only marine nature reserve in Wales and, for its size, has one of the highest densities of protected environmental sites in europe.
• It is a coast that combines rugged cliffs and sandy bays,
prehistoric remains
and medieval castles, and enjoys plenty of natural
history - from the wonderful array of wild flowers to the grey seals and seabirds.
• It's no coincidence that this national park has a razorbill
(= Alk) for its symbol, although for a real close-up at the likes of puffins (Papegaaiduikers), shearwaters (Pijlstormvogels) and kittiwakes (Drieteenmeeuwen), it's best
to put a day aside for a boat trip to one of the offshore islands where the
birds congregate.

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Solva is a popular traditional village in a wooded, steep-sided inlet but new development
.. extends up onto the plateau.
.. It is one of the most sheltered
(= beschutte) anchorages between Fishguard and Milford
.. Haven.
It's possible to walk ar
ound the headlands, where there are wonderful views into the
.. harbour,
both at low and high water.
In the 19th century, Solva had around 30 registered trading ships.
Coastal trade has been replaced by tourism, and the harbour is now a popular boating
.. centre.



The Gower
The Mumbles Llangennith ......... 45 km / 2 dagen

From promenade and surfaced paths to rough cliff tracks and sandy bays.

The Gower is a small and attractive limestone peninsula that sticks out
like an oversized big toe from Swansea into the sea off south Wales.
• Modest in size, its enduring popularity is testimony to its mild climate,
sunny disposition and kilometers of golden sand.
• Its 55 km of coastline boasts a staggering 70 named beaches, coves
and bays.
• In 1956, the Gower was designated the first
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in England and Wales
- the next step down from a national park - in recognition of its natural
diversity and largely unspoit habitats.

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Worms Head & Rhossili Bay.
Worms Head derives its name from the Old English wurm meaning dragon.



The National Trust is our biggest coastal landowner


In the summer of 1965, a young geography professor called John Whittow
and a few dozen students set out for a walk along the shores which would
change the character of the coast forever.
They spent their holiday forcing their way through bramble thickets,
hurdling barbed wire and jumping streams to survey on foot every mile
of the coast of EnglandWales and Northern Ireland, concluding that
a third of this uniquely varied 3,000-mile coastline was pristine, precious
and worth preserving.

Their findings kick-started Enterprise Neptune, a fundraising campaign
for the National Trust which after half a century has saved 742 miles of
beach, cliff, estuary and bay from development or destruction.



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. Coastal Walks Around Britain,
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.... Andrew McCloy,

.... New Holland Publishers, 2008

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In 2011 is Coastal Walks Around Britain met wat kleine wijzigingen opnieuw uitgebracht, maar nu onder de titel: Britain's Best Coastal Walks:

. Britain's Best Coastal Walks,
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