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Op de volgende twee plaatsen heb ik informatie gevonden over de mooiste
dagwandelingen :

1. De tv-uitzending Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100
Hier werden een aantal halve- en hele dagwandelingen gekozen.
.. Één wandeling was duidelijk te lang en te zwaar. Het betreft het
.. arctic-like plateau Ben MacDui (29 km ; challenging).
.. Deze heb ik daarom niet opgenomen.
Men noemde ook 4 langeafstandspaden.
.. Eigenlijk moet je die buiten beschouwing laten. Je kunt niet in één
.. lijst zowel, dagwandelingen als langeafstandspaden opnemen.
.. Veel langeafstandspaden hebben namelijk naast mooie etappes, ook heel
.. matige. Ik zal daarom van hun alleen enkele mooie etappes vermelden.

2. Een drietal wandelgidsjes:
... - Dumont Wanderführer Schottland, 2012
... - Bruckmanns Wanderführer Schottland, 2013
... - Rother wandelgids Schotland, Uitg. Elmar, 2015,



1. Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100

In januari 2018 werd Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100 gekozen op ITV.
Het was de grootste verkiezing tot nu toe met meer dan 8000 deelnemers.

Het begrip 'walks' (wandelingen) moet je wel ruim opvatten.
Naast wandelingen van een uur, werden er ook halve - en hele dagwandelingen
en zelfs complete langeafstandspaden genoemd.

De tv-uitzending kun je misschien nog op YouTube bekijken.
( Typ bij YouTube in het zoekvenster: britain's favourite walks top 100.
Hopelijk vind je hem dan. Veel kijkplezier ! )

De hele lijst stond ( in mei 2018 ) op de website van de Ordnance Survey.
Zie: Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100.
( Normaliter verdwijnt zo'n lijst na enige tijd weer van de website. Daarom zet
ik ze ook op mijn website. Het is te mooi materiaal om verloren te raken.)

De meeste kiezers woonden in Engeland.
Daardoor werden er te weinig wandelingen ver weg van Engeland gekozen.
Schotland had er bijv. slechts 12. Houd dit in gedachte.

A two-and-a-half hour TV special revealed the nation's favourite walks.
The presenters of the show, Julia Bradbury and Ore Oduba, count down the
results of a huge hiking survey.
More than 8,000 walking enthusiasts were polled for the show, to select a
top 100.
Routes range from coastal walks to mountain walks and urban walks
in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Stac Pollaidh
Klik je op nummer 22 in de kaart, dan word je meteen. doorverbonden met kader 22 hieronder.
Nummer 22 wil zeggen: dat deze wandeling eindigde op de 22ste plaats in de Top 100.
Lichtbruin = National Parks. Dit zijn er twee:
.. Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park ..en.. Cairngorms National Park...

14. West Highland Way..langeafstandspad..middelzwaar/zwaar

Mooiste dagetappes: Tyndrum ― Fort William

1. Tyndrum ― Bridge of Orchy . 11 km .lichte wandeling. ↑180 m
( Tyndrum ― Inveroran Hotel... 14 km.. middelzwaar. ↑330 m)
2. Bridge of Orchy ― King's House Hotel. 19 km . zwaar ↑460
..... ( Inveroran Hotel ― King's House Hotel 15 ½ km. middelzw ↑310
3. King's House Hotel Kinlochleven .14 km .middelzwaar. ↑430
4. Kinlochleven Fort William . 24 ½ km . zwaar..↑480 m

The West Highland Way was Scotland’s first official long-distance route and the 96-mile trail remains one of Britain’s most popular walking challenges.

Running roughly north from the town of Milngavie on the edge of Glasgow
to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, this multi-day walking route passes through mile after mile of stunning lochside and mountain scenery.

Although the West Highland Way goes past mountains rather than over
, the variety of the terrain and rugged nature of the Highlands make
it a big challenge – although one that should be within the capabilities of
experienced walkers.

You’ll walk on the ‘bonnie bonnie banks’ of Loch Lomond and across the vast expanse of Rannoch Moor, before peering into Glen Coe as you climb the ominously named Devil’s Staircase on your way towards the finish at
Ben Nevis.


1. You’ll have to organise overnight accommodation in advance

– many people camp along the way – and if you don’t fancy carrying everything there are organised by companies packages who’ll transfer
your baggage for you each day.

2. Be also prepared for bad weather.

Blackrock Cottage met Buachaille Etive Mór rechts achter.

Verdere info:




. The West Highland Way
.... Terry Marsh
.... Cicerone, 2013 (Third edition)



. Harvey Maps 1: 40,000
.....West Highland Way

... De route wordt aangegeven met een rode
... stippellijn.
... De km's worden aangegeven met blauwe
... stippen op die rode lijn. Reuze handig !


Te bestellen bij:
Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten) 



15. Ben Nevis ( 1345 m) ......... 15 km .......... zwaar

..............................................Totale stijging ± 1450 m.

This popular walking route follows the Mountain Track to the mighty summit of Ben Nevis – Britain’s highest mountain at 1,345 metres.

If you like hiking or hill walking in Britain, sooner or later you have to climb The Ben. Why? Because it’s our biggest, baddest and best mountain.
You may have heard the Mountain Track dismissed by its other names
‘The Pony Track’ or ‘Tourist Track’ but don’t be fooled – this is a
long, steep and strenuous walk that starts with solid paths and stone steps
and finishes on scree slopes, snow fields and a summit plateau that veers dangerously close to sheer cliff edges.

On a clear day you’ll be rewarded with views that feel like they cover the whole of Scotland, with layer after layer of mountains, lochs and islands stretching to the horizon in every direction.

When you reach the summit, take some time to explore the ruins of the
old observatory that once marked the highest point in Britain – and
look out for the resident snow buntings
(sneeuwgorzen) who’ll aim to steal your lunch!

Ben Nevis is a formidable mountain and it isn’t uncommon for snow to be falling at the summit in high summer.
The Mountain Track veers close to the fearsome cliffs of the mountain’s North Face as you approach the summit, so plan your route carefully and make sure you carry the right gear and navigational equipment – and know how to use it!


A tough and challenging walk to the roof of Britain, but in fine weather conditions it should be within the capabilities of all experienced hikers.

There are many lower level walks nearby to do if there is bad weather.

• Start and finish: ....

• Ben Nevis towering above Fort William.

Verdere info:


Schotland ( Rother Wandelgidsen) (uitg. Elmar) , Wandeling 17

Schottland ( Bruckmanns Wanderführer) , Tour 14


.... Kaart: OS Explorer 392

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



22. Stac Pollaidh ( 612 m))) ....... 4 km ........ middelzwaar

............................................. Totale stijging ± 540 m

One of the most visited peaks in the Western Highlands.

This circular walk explores the iconic rocky turrets of Stac Pollaidh, with stunning panoramic views across the plains of Assynt and the Summer Isles
on Scotland’s west coast.

At just 612m high Stac Pollaidh must be Scotland’s finest mini mountain, tucked away near the wild and rugged west coast in the shadow of hulking giants Cul Mor and Ben More Coigach.
You can park at its base and walk to the east summit in less than an hour,
but beware that the route to its true western summit involves a rocky
(klim, klauterpartij) on an exposed pinnacled ridge that should
only be attempted by experienced and competent scramblers.

(scramble = using hands (as well as feet) to negotiate a steep, rocky section
of path)

Whether you reach the summit or not, you’ll be rewarded with the kind of panoramic views you thought only existed in distant foreign mountain ranges.
Huge standalone peaks – including the unmistakable profile of Suilven
rise from the flat plains surrounding them.
This is the Highlands at its unique best, a place where red deer roam the
glens and eagles patrol the skies. It makes you feel very insignificant.

• Start and finish: on a parking lot at its base.

Stac Pollaidh formed as a nunatak.

Verdere info:


Schotland ( Rother Wandelgidsen) (uitg. Elmar), Wandeling 43

Schottland ( Bruckmanns Wanderführer), Tour 35


.... Kaarten: OS Explorer 442 , 439

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



33. .. The Fairy Pools
....... The Cuillin Hills ....... 7 km ........ middelzwaar

..............................................Totale stijging ± 300 m

This short walk on the Isle of Skye visits one of the most magical places in Scotland – the stunning waterfalls of the Fairy Pools.

Set near Glen Brittle with the island’s fearsome Black Cuillin mountains as a backdrop, the Fairy Pools are a hotspot for tourists who swim in the crystal-clear but cold waters of the Allt a’ Choire Ghreadaidh on hot days.

The Cuillin mountains themselves should only be attempted by experienced mountaineers, but this spectacular route shows off the best of Skye in a short loop that traces the base of the peaks alongside beautiful cascades and pools.

Be sure to arrive early if you want to claim one of the limited parking spots, and if you’re planning to go wild swimming make sure you’re fully prepared with towels and dry clothes to change into afterwards.

• Start and finish: ....

Verdere info:



.... Kaarten: OS Explorer 411, 410

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



38. Pitlochry Blair Atholl .......... 12 ½ km ........... licht

Explore the ‘gateway to the Highlands’ on a beautiful riverside walk that shows off the Scottish mountains at their brilliant best – without having
to climb them!

This riverside walk links the town of Pitlochry to the village of Blair Atholl on the edge of the Grampian mountains and the Cairngorms National Park.

You’ll start near Pitclochry’s famous Dam and Fish Ladder, which was built
in 1951. Peak salmon season is from April to August, which is a great time
to visit if you want to see salmon leaping up the ladder, with more than
5,000 fish heading upstream each year.

Once you leave the banks of Loch Faskally you’ll follow the River Garry
towards the Highland village of Blair Atholl at the foot of Glen Tilt –
one of the most beautiful glens in Scotland and accessible only on foot.

This whole walk takes place in some of the most majestic scenery in Britain, with plenty of trails, woodlands and hills to explore away from the main path.

• Start: Pitlochry.
.. Finish:
Blair Atholl.

• Bus and train: if you don’t fancy walking the return journey.

Verdere info:



.... Kaart: OS Explorer OL49

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



43. Arthur's Seat ( 251 m) ........ 5 ½ km ......... licht

This is a busy walk that’s extremely popular with tourists – and for good reason. If you visit Edinburgh you HAVE to climb Arthur’s Seat!

This is a proper hill walk right in the heart of Edinburgh city centre, climbing
to the craggy summit of Arthur’s Seat with stunning views in all directions.

Arthur’s Seat is all that remains of an ancient volcano and is Edinburgh’s
most famous landmark
(= markant object) , towering above the city at a
height of 251 metres.

You start by entering Holyrood Park at the end of the Royal Mile, then stroll
on good paths through a rolling grassy landscape covering the remains of a volcanic landscape that’s laid dormant for 350 million years.

The hike to Athur’s Seat’s summit is relatively short but strenuous, and well worth it for the magical 360 panorama across the city.
The summit is also the site of a well-preserved fort dating back 2,000 years, with the hill’s diverse flora and geology resulting in it being named a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The origins of the hill’s name are unclear, although some suggest it was the site of King Arthur’s legendary Camelot fortress.

• Start and finish: Entrance of Holyrood Park at the end of the Royal Mile.

Verdere info:




.... Kaart: OS Explorer 350

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



51. .St Cuthbert's Way .langeafstandspad..licht/middelzwaar

This walk is worth it for the finish along Lindisfarne Causeway alone –
surely the finest end to any of Britain’s long-distance trails.

This 100 km walk follows St Cuthbert’s Way pilgrim trail through beautiful
and varied countryside from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to Holy Island
off the Northumberland coast.

Crossing the Anglo-Scottish border twice and passing through the northern foothills of the Cheviots, this route is inspired by the religious life of
St Cuthbert, which began in Melrose in 650AD and ended in his final resting place on Holy Island.

You’ll pass through a remote and ever-changing landscape with huge views across ancient borderlands.
A sense of history and culture swirls around you all the way to the route’s spectacular finish on the mile-long Lindisfarne Causeway, which is only
exposed at low tide (research and plan this section carefully).

Mooie dagetappes: Kirk Yetholm Holy Island
1. Kirk Yetholm ― Wooler .... 21 km .... Middelzwaar ... ↑ 620 m
2. Wooler ― Fenwick ...... 19 km ......... Middelzwaar ... ↑390 m
... (Transfer to Lowick 5½ km by road)

3. Fenwick ― Holy Island ...... 10 km ....... Licht ..... ↑0 m

During low tide there are two routes onto the island:
.. 1. barefoot across the sands
(de drooggevallen wadzanden) on the Pilgrim's Way,
...... marked by a line of barnacle-encrusted poles.
.. 2. over the
tidal causeway (= getijdendam )
(Desgewenst lift je met een van de auto's over de drooggevallen dam naar het eiland)

Lindisfarne Castle is perched on a small hilltop, a dolerite outcrop (ontsluiting).
.. This hilltop is a dyke (= gang), a wall-like body of intrusive igneous rock, formed as magma
.. pushes up towards the surface through cracks in the rock and harden there.

Verdere info:




. St Oswald's Way and St Cuthbert's Way
.... Rudolf Abraham
.... Cicerone, 2013 (First edition)



. Harvey Maps 1: 40,000
.....St Cuthbert's Way


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62. Fife Coastal Path ... langeafstandspad.... lichte wandelingen

Topper onder de kustwandelingen:
Zie: Top 10 UK coastal walks.

Sandy bays and straightforward, grassy cliff paths,
but much wilder after Crail with sections of rough foreshore.

Mooiste dagetappes:
1. Leven ― Elie
.....................14 ½ km .........lichte wandeling .
2. Elie ― Crail ........................19 km ..................licht .
3. Crail ― St Andrews ..........19 km ..................licht .

The Fife Coastal Path is one of Scotland’s Great Trails, stretching for 175 km from the Firth of Forth in the south to the Firth of Tay in the north.

You’ll marvel at the rugged beauty of Scotland’s east coast;
pass through fishing villages and former coal mining towns; and
walk along cliff-tops, award-winning beaches and estuaries.

Wildlife is abundant: f
rom seabirds and dolphins to wildflowers and
butterflies. Nature will be with you every step of the way.

And the scenery is as changeable as the Scottish weather, making this a beautiful and unpredictable route.

• Crail Harbour.

• Crail Harbour.

Verdere info:




. Five Coastal Path,
... Sandra Bardwell ; Jacquetta Megarry
... Rucksack Reader, 2018

Strookkaart (stripmap):

. Fife Coastal Path,
... Footprint Maps,
... Stirling Surveys 2012

Te bestellen bij:
Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten) 



64. Great Glen Way ..langeafstandspad ..middelzwaar/zwaar

Mooie dagetappes:

4. Fort Augustus ― Invermoriston .....13 km .......licht ....... 120 m
(Along the lower slopes of the mountains above Loch Ness).

5. Invermoriston ― Drumnadrochit ..... 22 km .....zwaar ...500
(Ascent to 300 m, looking down to Loch Ness).

The Great Glen Way long-distance trail runs for 73 miles from coast-to-coast across the Scottish Highlands, linking the towns of Fort William and Inverness.

The route follows the natural fault-line (breuklijn) of the Great Glen that cuts diagonally across Scotland from south-west to north-east.

Navigation is fairly straightforward but make sure you’re fully prepared for the Scottish weather, which can be wet, cold, windy and potentially even snowy in the height of summer. Mostly, though, just savour the scenery of loch and majestic mountains.

Loch Ness.

Verdere info:





. The Great Glen Way
.... Paddy Dillon
.... Cicerone, 2011 (First edition)



. Harvey Maps 1: 40,000
.....Great Glen Way


Te bestellen bij:
Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten) 



65. Silver Sands of Morar ....... 3 ½ km ......... licht

This walk explores the Silver Sands of Morar, a chain of beautiful sandy beaches in the Highlands that feel like Scotland’s answer to the Caribbean.

Tucked away in a wild and rugged part of western Scotland on a dead-end
road to Mallaig, Morar is a small village with a collection of beaches that
rival any coastal destination in the world.

This stunning string of white sand beaches offer wonderful views across the
islands of Muck, Eigg, Rum and Canna.
The Silver Sands of Morar are easy to access thanks to their close proximity
to the A830 road, and this short circular route explores the quieter northern section around Morar Bay.

There are some wet and boggy sections but mostly this is a very simple walk – and one that’s so secretive and secluded you may well have it all to yourself.

Mostly accessible at low tide, with some scrambling over rocks, but can also
be reached from the road.

• Start and finish: Railway Station Morar.

Verdere info:



.... Kaarten: OS Explorer 398, 413

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



88. Falls of Clyde ......... 10 ½ km .......... licht

This classic walk from the New Lanark World Heritage Site passes the
famous Falls of Clyde in a narrow gorge that’s home to one of Scotland’s
(eeuwenoude) woodlands.

The Falls of Clyde is rightly famed for its four powerful waterfalls, but the wildlife is equally spectacular with more than 100 bird species having been recorded here.

Visitors could be treated to sightings of dippers, ravens and kingfishers to
name just a few; plus Daubenton’s bats at dusk, deer tiptoeing through the trees, badgers in the undergrowth and otters along the riverbank.

The four Linn (Scottish for waterfalls) have been attracting famous visitors
for centuries. Corra Linn is the highest of the falls with cascades tumbling 84 feet, but all are mightily impressive and will captivate you as you walk.

At one time the River Clyde powered the great mills of New Lanark, which
was designated a World Heritage Site in 2001, and the flow of the river is
still controlled by the UK’s oldest hydroelectric system.
This walk starts and ends at New Lanark, so take some time to explore the mills before you leave.

The Falls of Clyde route follows clear paths with sections of boardwalk, but
it can be muddy and steep in places with lots of steps – so go prepared and
take care!

• Start and finish: New Lanark.

Woodland (= bos) is a generalized term which normally excludes
................ wood-pasture
(= bosweide) and plantations (= plantages)

Woods refer to individual woodlots.

Ancient woodland (= eeuwenoud bos)  woodland which has been
............... continuously wooded since AD 1600
............... (although not necessarily with the same type of tree cover).

............... ( Dit zijn de waardevolste bossen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
............... Kijk maar eens in het prachtige Mark Ash Wood.
............... Dit lijkt waarschijnlijk het meest op de vroegere oerbossen.)

Wildwood (= oerbos) is wholly natural woodland unaffected by
............... Neolithic or later civilization.


• The Falls of Clyde, near New Lanark.

Verdere info:



.... Kaart: OS Explorer 335

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)



94. Falkirk Wheel & The Kelpies ... Canal Walk ...7 km .... licht

Two iconic landmarks (= markante objecten) celebrating Scottish industrial history in one short but spectacular walk through this busy lowland town.

This short walk connects the stunning tourist attractions of the Falkirk Wheel boat lift and the Kelpies equine (paardachtige) structures on the historic
Forth & Clyde Canal.

Starting at the Falkirk Wheel – an immense rotating lift that connects boats
to the Union Canal – you’ll wind through the outskirts of Falkirk on a section
of the newly opened Queen Elizabeth II Canal, which forms the eastern gateway to the Forth & Clyde Canal.

This waterway was given the royal seal of approval in the summer of 2017, when it was officially open by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and is regarded as one of the most complex waterways ever constructed in Scotland.

If the start at the Falkirk Wheel is impressive, the sight of the Kelpies is
mindblowing. The 30-metre high horse-head structures weigh 300 tonnes
each and are the largest equine
(= paardachtige) structures in the world.
The statues celebrate the impact of horses on Scottish industrial history – pulling wagons, ploughs and barges – and are located in The Helix parkland, which is a great pace to explore at the end of the walk.

• Start: Falkirk Wheel.
.. Finish:
The Kelpies.

• Falkirk Wheel boat lift.

• The Kelpies equine structures.

Verdere info:


• .....

.... Kaart: OS Explorer 349

.....Te bestellen bij:
.....Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver ( webshop voor reisgidsen en landkaarten)





2. Een drietal wandelgidsjes:

... - Dumont Wanderführer Schottland, 2012
... - Bruckmanns Wanderführer Schottland, 2013
... - Rother wandelgids Schotland, Uitg. Elmar, 2015,

Zij geven alle drie een kort lijstje met toppers.
Bij Dumont staat dat op de achterkaft.
Bruckmann had dat in een kader in een eerdere druk staan.
Rother in een kader op blz. 10

Zie verderop voor afbeeldingen en evt. bestelwijze van de gidsjes.



3. Mijn samengesteld lijstje:

Je hoopt natuurlijk dat de wandelingen van Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100
en de drie wandelgidsjes elkaar veel overlappen. Dat is helaas niet het geval.
De volgende wandelingen werden meermaals genoemd:
14. West Highland Way (2 lijstjes)
15. Ben Nevis ( in alle 4 de lijstjes),
22. Stac Pollaidh ( 3 lijstjes),
43. Arthur's Seat ( 2 lijstjes),
51. St Cuthbert's Way ( 3 lijstjes),
62. Fife Coastal Path ( 2 lijstjes),
64. Great Glen Way ( 2 lijstjes),
Sandwood Bay (in zowel Bruckmann als Rother)
.. (Deze laatste wandeling was voor de Britten waarschijnlijk te veel
.. in the middle of nowhere om daar naar af te reizen).

Mijn voorlopige conclusie is dat je het beste met het lijstje van
Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100 kunt beginnen.

We krijgen dan de volgende lijst:

14. West Highland Way (beste dagetappes),
15. Ben Nevis,
22. Stac Pollaidh,
33. The Fairy Pools,
38. Pitlochry to Blair Athol
43. Arthur's Seat,
51. St Cuthbert's Way (beste dagetappes),
62. Fife Coastal Path(beste dagetappes),
64. Great Glen Way (beste dagetappes),
65. Silversands of Morar,
88. The Falls of Clyde,
94. Falkirk Wheel & The Kelpies,

Vul deze evt. aan met Sandwood Bay (zie Bruckmann of Rother )

Een aantal van deze wandelingen zijn slechts halve dagwandelingen.
Daardoor valt de benodigde tijd voor zo'n wandelvakantie wel mee.
Veel succes.



Dumont Wanderführer Schottland
........ Matthias Eickhoff,
........ Dumont Reiseverlag, 2012.


......Bruckmanns Wanderführer Schottland
........ Bernhard Irlinger,
........ Bruckmann Verlag, 2013.


......Rother wandelgids Schotland
........ Ralf Gantzhorn,
........ Uitgeverij Elmar, 2015.


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De diverse hierboven genoemde OS Explorers

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