... BEN NEVIS.... ( 1344 m)


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Ben Nevis is 1.344 meter hoog en die meters moet je allemaal klimmen
.. ( en afdalen ) vanaf zeeniveau.

The Mountain Track up Ben Nevis (commonly referred to as the
'Tourist Track' or the 'Pony Track') is the old access route to the now
ruined Observatory and was designed as a rough bridle path for ponies.
This is the walking route to the summit of Ben Nevis – Britain’s highest
mountain at 1,344 metres.
This Ben Nevis mountain path is an extremely popular route with
visitor numbers estimated to be more than 100,000 a year.

If you like hiking or hill walking in Britain, sooner or later you have to
climb The Ben. Why? Because it’s our biggest, baddest and best
You may have heard the Mountain Track dismissed by its other names
‘The Pony Track’ or ‘Tourist Track’ but don’t be fooled – this is a
long, steep and strenuous walk that starts with solid paths and stone
steps and finishes on scree slopes, snow fields and a summit plateau
that veers dangerously close to sheer cliff edges.

On a clear day you’ll be rewarded with views that feel like they cover
the whole of Scotland, with layer after layer of mountains, lochs and
islands stretching to the horizon in every direction.

When you reach the summit, take some time to explore the ruins of the
old observatory that once marked the highest point in Britain – and
look out for the resident snow buntings
(sneeuwgorzen) who’ll aim to
steal your lunch!

Start and finish: 
The car park at the Visitor Centre in Glen Nevis

Weather forecast:
Check the weather at the Visitor Centre before heading out.
Always bring warm windproof clothing because at the top the
conditions can be very harsh (even at the end of May there may be

There are many lower level walks nearby to do if there is bad weather.

Ben Nevis is a formidable mountain and it isn’t uncommon for snow
to be falling at the summit in high summer.
The Mountain Track veers close to the fearsome cliffs of the
mountain’s North Face as you approach the summit, so plan your
route carefully and make sure you carry the right gear and
navigational equipment – and know how to use it!

The Outdoor Guide verdict (= oordeel):
 A tough and challenging walk to the roof of Britain, but in fine
weather conditions it should be within the capabilities of all
experienced hikers.

• Ben Nevis towering above Fort William.

The Mountain Track and a cairn on Ben Nevis.

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Dumont Wanderführer Schottland
..... Matthias Eickhoff,
..... Dumont Reiseverlag, 2012.

... Tour 28: Schottlands höchster Berg.
... Deze tocht behoort tot de mooiste wandelingen
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