Durdle Door

...... SOUTH .. WEST . COAST . PATH :

........ Seaton – Poole Harbour = 125 ½ km

The Dorset Coast (Jurassic Coast) has excellent examples of coastal

Dorset is a small county on the south coast of England and contains some
of the most striking examples of coastal features
(kustvormen) in the British

1. Erosion:

As the map below shows, several rock types reach the sea along the
Dorset coast, some of them soft, others more resistant.
The soft rocks, such as clay and shale
(kleischalie), have been quickly
eroded to form beaches at the back of bays, such as Swanage Bay and
Lulworth Cove.
The more resistant rocks, such as chalk (
krijt) and limestone (kalksteen),
form cliffs and headlands that display caves, arches and stacks
( brandingsgrotten, brandingsbogen en brandingspilaren).
Handfast Point is a good example of a headland and it has stacks
such as Old Harry and Old Harry's Wife.
2. Transportation:
The dominant winds and waves come from the south-west so the waves
wash up the beach at an angle and longshore drift
(kustdrift) takes place.
3. Deposition:

The longshore drift has formed sandspits
(zand-schoorwallen, zandhaken),
such as Studland Spit, and the Isle of Portland has been joined to the main-
land by a tombolo
(tombolo) called Chesil Beach. It is 30 km long and up
to 15 metres high and is believed to have once been an offshore sandbar
Elsewhere, beaches are commonly found at the back of bays, such as
Swanage Beach.

Zie voor een goede introductie van de verschillende kustvormen:
Nieuw venster engeland_coastal-landscapes



Korte samenvatting wandeltrektocht Jurassic Coast:
Ik wandelde naast de route door Dorset ook
Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs.
Deze laatste ligt gedeeltelijk in het graafschap Devon.

We start in Seaton (East Devon) and follow the coastal path as it extends
.. eastwards towards Lyme Regis (Dorset) .
.. This section includes The Undercliffs, now a nature reserve.

Lyme Regis is the’ Pearl of Dorset’ whose charm has persuaded  many
.. famous writers to stay, among them Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and John
.. Fowle’s whose novel “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” is set here.
Reaching Charmouth the cliffs are famous for their dense fossil deposits.
.. A complete Plesiosaur (think of  the Loch Ness Monster) was discovered
.. here and you might well find your own 100 million year old fossil if you look
.. carefully. ( If unsuccessful visit Charmouth’s Old Forge fossil shop).
From  the headland, you are rewarded by the spectacular orange sandstone
.. cliffs of Golden Cap cliff (191 m) – the highest point on the south coast with
.. a panorama of amazing far reaching views  in all directions.
Descend to West Bay and walk straight into Broadchurch ! Here is the
.. striking location of television’s drama series ‘Broadchurch’ , attracting a
.. record 9 million (armchair) viewers to the wonderful backdrop and
.. enchanting small harbour town, Bridport.
Further along you come to 28 km long Chesil Beach, one of the finest
.. barrier beaches in Europe protecting an important nature reserve The Fleet.
.. The unique bank of colourful pebbles grow from pea size at
.. Burton-Bradstock to potatoe size at Portland. 
You stay in the beautifully preserved village of Abbotsbury, which has no
.. street lighting and a medieval tithe barn still in use as a storehouse.
.. Abbotsbury has the oldest managed swan population in the world. For over
.. 600 years a colony of mute swans
(= knobbelzwanen) has been living at
.. Abbotsbury Swannery set up by medieval monks as a food source.
The final part of the walk rises and dips along the cliffs above the natural
.. arch of Durdle Door, and down to Lulworth Cove – a perfect horseshoe bay

.. ringed with magnificent cliffs.
If the Lulworth ranges are open the walk follows the cliff, otherwise there
.. is a detour.
Kimmeridge Bay the nodding donkey
(jaknikker) pumps oil from the
.. shale.

Finally along the chalk cliff tops to famous Old Harry Rocks stacks
.. (= brandingspilaren, klippen) standing like guardians of this unique stretch
.. of  beautiful coastline.

Lyme Regis with
The Cobb (= havenmuur) to the left.
The Cobb was the backdrop to the climax of the film
The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Charmouth has the most famous fossil site along the coast.

View from Golden Cap to the east.
Golden Cap is the highest point on the whole south coast ( 191 m).

Video YouTube:
Nieuw venster BBC Coast 1 ..01 of 12...Dover to Exmouth. vanaf 41:43 tot einde

Nieuw venster www.ramblingpete.walkingplaces.co.uk/jun2.htm (tweede helft route)

Begin- en eindpunt:
Van Seaton naar Poole.

Lengte en tijdsduur: 125½ km
Als je deze wandeltrektocht met een lichte dagrugzak loopt, terwijl je
.. de hoofdbagage laat bezorgen, kun je het traject in 7 dagen doen
.. (zie verderop bij Van dag tot dag).

Ga je echter met trekkingrugzak en tent dan heb je zo'n indeling niet
.. nodig. Je bent dan vrij in doen en laten en kunt 's avonds altijd wel een
.. tentplek vinden.
.. Je hebt dan wel 1 tot 2 dagen méér nodig, omdat je met een trekking-
.. rugzak minder kilometers per dag aflegt.

Beste periode:
Half juni half september is beste periode.
Je bent hier aan de kust. Dan is het op bewolkte dagen met wind zelfs
nog in begin juni koud.
September is al wel vroeg donker.
De neerslag is seizoensgebonden. In de winter valt er veel, maar
de zomer is droog.

( Voor het weerbericht ga je naar www.metoffice.gov.uk/ )

.Climate Stat. Weym., Wyke Regis
.Gemiddelde maximumtemp. °C
.Maandsom neerslag (mm)
( Gem. maximumtemp. De Bilt )

East Cliff at West Bay (view looking east towards Burton).
The cliffs are made up of alternating layers of hard and soft sandstone beds
(= lagen) .
The small hollows are home to numerous birds.
Erosion at the foot of the cliff has exposed many fallen rocks, and
enlarged the joints,
.. some. into caves.
Sandstone is a sedimentary rock.
(sedimentgesteente). It is made up of small particles of
.. sand, which have been transported by the wind, rivers and ice and are usually deposited
.. on lake or seabed. Over many millions of years, successive layers of sediments accumulate.
.. These layers of sediments are compressed by the weight of the deposits above, into
.. sedimentary rocks. These rocks form in layers, known as 
bedding planes
(= laagvlakken).

Bed (Laag) ....... = Layer of sedimentary rock.
............................ Beds are built up one on top of the next, separated from
............................ each other by bedding planes.
............................ Each bed represents a single phase of more or less
............................ continuous sedimentation, before a change in conditions
............................ or an interruption of sedimentation, forms the bedding
............................ plane.

Bedding plane =  A surface occurring in sedimentary rocks that represent
(Laagvlak).......... an event that interrupted sedimentation for a time.
............................ A plane of deposition, a surface that separates each
............................ successive layer of stratified rock.

De meeste dagwandelingen zijn middelzwaar.
Alleen de 6 e dag door de Lulworth Ranges is zwaar.
Zie verderop bij Van dag tot dag voor meer details.
De kleiige padgedeelten zijn bij neerslag glad. Loop in dat geval liever over
het gras erlangs.
There are some steep sections of coastal path, however the steep hills are a
maximum of 200 metres of ascent/ descent in one go and are often much

Zeer goed, zoals alle "national trails".

Openbaar vervoer: goed.
Je kunt desgewenst met openbaar vervoer naar het beginpunt/eindpunt
van de dagwandeling reizen.

Bevoorrading: goed.
Levensmiddelen: iedere dag is er wel een plaats met een supermarktje.
Drinkwater: denk eraan dat veel openbare toiletten geen goede
drinkwaterkraan hebben om een fles te vullen.

• Rock falls in chalk
(krijt) slopes at Mupe Bay.
The white cliff is made of billions and billions of shells of microscopic plankton,
.. which have. slowly compacted into huge beds of chalk.
Krijt is een fijnkorrelige, witte kalksteensoort, die uit de skeletten van microscopisch
.. plankton bestaat.

Through the "eye" of a stone at Mupe Bay.
Iets verderop zie je het resultaat van de serie rock falls opnieuw, maar nu beneden
.. vanaf het strand.

Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs an active coastal landslide system.

Black Ven landslide complex between Lyme Regis and Charmouth.

Fossil sites at Charmouth.

Golden Cap cliff (191 m), the highest point of the south coast of England.

Chesil Beach the great shingle bar
( kiezelwal ), backed by The Fleet the
.. semi-freshwater lagoon.

Durdle Door the textbook arch and Lulworth Cove the hollowed-out cove.

Old Harry Rocks , the chalk
(= krijt) stacks (= brandingspilaren, klippen) at
.. Handfast Point (one of the most famous landmarks on the Jurassic Coast)
(landmark = markante object)

Coastal flowers and birds.

Occasional seals, dolphins and basking sharks

Hoogtepunt volgens www.ldwa.org.uk:
West-Lulworth Kimmeridge ....11 km.
.. Ik vond vooral de tweede helft hiervan erg mooi !
Bekijk de exacte data dat de Lulworth Ranges open zijn:
.. Nieuw venster www.southwestcoastpath.com/faq/military-training-areas/
......... (Accessible most weekends and school holidays).

• Kimmeridge Bay: aan de voet van de kliffen is door de branding een brandingsplatform
.. ontstaan (Eng: wave-cut platform) Bij laagwater valt het gedeeltelijk droog.
• Je kijkt oostwaarts.
In de verte zie je Clavell Tower.

Clavell Tower , Kimmeridge Bay;
A folly built by Rev. John Clavell in 1831 and used as a coastguard lookout.
Built of yellowish dolomite from the beach with some brick and with a Portland Stone
.. colonnade.
Men heeft de toren steen voor steen afgebroken en een aantal meter landinwaarts
.. herbouwd. Anders zou hij nu al met een van de klifafstortingen in zee zijn gedonderd.

Je kijkt westwaarts. Links zie je Clavell Tower.

Geen probleem.

Extra dag mogelijk:

urassic Coast :
It became England’s first natural
.. World Heritage Site.
.. . http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk
....... news/england/1708397.stm
The site stretches from 
.. Orcombe Point  near  Exmouth in
.. East Devon 
to  Old Harry Rocks 
.. near Swanage in East Dorset,
.. a distance of 155 kilometres.


What makes this coast so special is the way its cliff exposures provide an
.. almost continuous geological 'walk through time' spanning the Triassic,
.. Jurassic
and Cretaceous periods.
.. It's like a time capsule holding 185 million years of the Earth's history.

.. Zie ook: Nieuw venster http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jurassic_Coast.

Jurassic Coast Bus X53:
The Jurassic Coast Bus Service is ideal for walkers who want to walk along
a section of the coast path as they have the option of either travelling out
or back by bus.

The service connects Seaton, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, West Bay,
Burton Bradstock, Abbotsbury, Weymouth, Osmington Mills, Lulworth Cove,
Swanage, Studland and South Haven Point (Poole Harbour)
(Summer service).

A massive landslip marks Houns-tout Cliff, here seen with other promontories
.. along the coast.
• Je kijkt vanaf Emmetts Hill naar het westen.
The Slumped (afgeschoven), dark slopes below Houns-tout Cliff are made up of unstable
.. shales ( kleischalies), which, because they are topped with porous limestone, become
.. saturated and periodically slide away causing major rockfalls.

Coastal Path Diversion:
Zware regenval en de onstabiele geologische structuur doen bij de kliffen
voortdurend gesteente afbrekenen en omlaagstorten (rock falls).
Van tijd tot tijd zijn er ook grote aardverschuivingen (landslips).
Dit betekent dat het kustpad omgeleid moet worden.
Zie voor al deze omleidingen:

Beware of unstable cliffs / falling rocks:
Ik ken geen ander kustpad met zoveel rock falls en landslips.
Wees dus zéér voorzichtig.
Het kustpad loopt gedeeltelijk boven langs de klifrand.
Op een aantal plaatsen nadert de terugwijkende klifrand tot op een meter
het pad. Dit kan gevaarlijk zijn, indien het klif op die plaats ondermijnd is.
Het overhangende gesteente zou dan kunnen afbreken en omlaagstorten.
Daarom geldt als regel:
blijf boven op het klif op ruime afstand van de klifrand
beneden op het strand
ook ver van de voet van het klif.
Nieuw venster www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-20756703

Nieuw venster www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-22029730

Dit deeltraject is een zeer mooie top trail.
Zelfs mooier dan SWCP: West-Cornwall en Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Beste websites:
Nieuw venster www.southwestcoastpath.org.uk/

Nieuw venster www.oppad.nl/?bestemming=langs-de-jurassic-coast

Nieuw venster http://jurassiccoast.org/

Nieuw venster www.luggagetransfers.co.uk

Introductie South West Coast Path
Zie hiervoor op mijn website: Nieuw venster South West Coast Path

Let op het verschil tussen:

Landslide = general term for mass-movement of rock material down a
..................... slope. (includes rock fall, landslip, mudflow, etc.)

Rock fall = mass-movement of rock from a cliff - exactly what it says!

Landslip .= mass-movement where rock material (often clay) slips down
.................... a. slope along a defined slip surface (often gently curved).

Mudflow = mass-movement of soil and water formed after heavy rain.
.................... Mudflows can move large rocks, cars, demolish houses.



The Undercliff:
(Oerwoud-achtig gebied ! )
An undercliff is a sloaping section of coast between the top of the cliff
and the beach.
It is torn into ridges
and throughs, which are shaped by small landslips.

• Tussen Axmouth en Lyme Regis zijn grote stukken klif afgeschoven.
• De oorzaak is een ondoorlatende, gladde kleilaag onder de poreuze
.. kalk- en zandsteenlagen.
• Regenwater dringt in de kalk- en zandsteenlagen, en maakt ze zo
.. zwaar dat ze naar
beneden schuiven over de kleilaag.
Let op ! Als men met bordjes aangeeft dat het pad op een plaats ge-
.. blok
keerd is door een aardverschuiving, dan kun je er toch gaan wan-
.. delen.
.. Ga dan vanuit Axmouth of Lyme Regis over het pad tot aan die aard-
.. verschuiving en keer vervolgens om en over hetzelfde pad weer terug.

The Undercliff stretches almost 7 miles in length between Axmouth and Lyme Regis
.. and can be accessed via the  South West Coast Path which runs through the entire
.. length of the reserve.

Onderstaande mooie beschrijving vond ik op:

Created by past and ongoing landslips, the Undercliff is essentially a
.. south-facing forested ledge
(= terras) around seven miles long and at
.. most a quarter of a mile wide, bounded on one side by cliffs down to
.. the sea
and on the other by a ravine and further cliffs to landward.
The underlying terrain, rumpled by the landslides is chaotic, a mess
.. of ridges and deep gullies.
The vegetation at the western end is generally bushes and scrub, in-
.. cluding bracken, brambles and smaller trees like hawthorn.
.. Further east the Undercliff becomes a proper wood with large mature
.. trees (ash, maple and beech).
It has been described as the nearest thing Britain has to a jungle
.. (oerwoud-achtig ! ), and this was an especially accurate description
.. when walking it on a close, hot summer afternoon.
.. We got through a litre of water each, and could easily have done with
.. more.

There are some clear vistas back to crumbling chalk (= krijt) cliffs,
.. but only occasional glimpses out to the coastline.
The path switches rapidly between easy forest path and, mostly, an
.. exhausting succession of ups and downs via slopes with slippery flints
.. (= vuurstenen) and small flights of log steps.
.. It's definitely, as generally described, an arduous and challenging walk -
.. but a fascinating one.

The chalk and sandstone rock absorb water like a sponge, becoming
.. very heavy, and move across the impermeable and slippery surface of
.. the clay
• This often happens slowly, pushing rock and soil before it, causing
.. breaks in the established paths and pushing trees over.
Occasionally it happens in spectacular fashion as it did in 1839 when
.. Goat Island was formed.
One night, a huge slab of land, known as Goat
.. Island,
moved towards the sea and a large chasm
(kloof) opened up
.. behind it.

.. Goat Island which was once part of a field at the top of the cliffs, is now
.. a plateau much lower down.
During the 20th century the landslip has become heavily overgrown
.. as it is too dangerous for sheep to graze safely in and the numbers of
.. rabbits has declined due to myxomatosis.

The cliff tops are 100m – 150m above sea level with the landslide
.. sharply dipping down to 20m above sea level.

.. This forms a landscape which is sheltered from the worst of the weather
.. and benefits from its own micro climate.

Much of the dense woodland is of a completely natural structure and
.. where non-native species are absent this represents some of the finest
.. undisturbed ash woodland in the country.

. www.seatonbay.com/adventure/undercliff.html

. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.7132615,-2.9658493,1....

Je loopt over een smal voetpaadje door een "jungle".
Op deze foto zie je een van de vele traptreden met behulp waarvan men de
..ruggetjes in het terrein opklimt en afdaalt.
Loop voorzichtig: op sommige plaatsen is het pad glad of liggen er wortels bloot.


Classic undercliff terrain:
.. an overgrown tumbled terrain on a clifftop ledge
(= terras) backed by further,
.. higher cliffs.

The undercliff between Axmouth and Lyme Regis supports Britain’s largest
.. self-sown .Ash woodland.

Denk aan de woorden op :

The landslip east of Seaton can be, for some walkers, frustrating,
• views of the sea are rare and glimpsed,
• an accurate idea of location is impossible and
• the environment can be claustrophobic for some and always a
... little forbidding.


Black Ven landslide complex:

Coastal landslides:
De jurassic coast is berucht vanwege de coastal landslides.
Zie bijv. . www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-25777348

Drie bekende zijn:
. Black Ven landslide complex.

. Stonebarrow Hill landslide ( Cain's Folly landslide complex).

. Burton Bradstock rock fall.

Black Ven landslide complex:
Between Lyme Regis and Charmouth the weak beds of shales

.. (= schalies) and marls (= mergels) give rise to one of the largest
.. coastal mudslides in Europe called Black Ven landslide complex
In 1958/9 two huge mudslides spilled out across the beach.
.. Today the boulder arcs exposed at low tide are all that remain from
.. this event.
However these cliffs continue to move and it is only a matter of time
.. before the next 'big slip' takes place.

• The landslides vary in character and occur:
.. 1. whenever sandstones overlie shales
(schalies) and marls (mergels)
.. and
.. 2. where the cliffs are undermined by coastal erosion.
• At Black Ven the slips take the form of major mudslides that advance
.. over the beach but elsewhere there can be sudden and dangerous
.. rock falls.


Black Ven is a big, active landslide complex consisting of:
.. - an upper section in a sandstone known as Foxmould and
.. - a lower part consisting mainly of a series of shales
(= schalies) and marls (= mergels)
.... with thin limestone (= kalksteen) bands that form benches in the landscape.

In het midden zie je het Black Ven landslide complex.
Links verschijnen de eerste woningen van Lyme Regis, en rechts die van Charmouth.

Westwaarts kijkend vanaf Charmouth over Black Ven naar Lyme Regis.


Chesil Beach . & . The Fleet:

. http://mysite.du.edu/~jcalvert/geol/chesil.htm

Chesil Beach:
• This is a shingle barrier beach
(strandwal; lido) of 28 km (the largest
.. in Western Europe !) running between West Bay and Portland
.. ( It is not a spit
(schoorwal) ! )
A barrier beach
(strandwal ) is a gravel ridge ( grindwal ) that rises
.. slightly above the surface of the sea and runs roughly parallel to the
.. shore, from which it is separated by a lagoon.
• The coarse gravel
(grof grind) vary in size from pea sized at Burton
.. Bradstock to hen’s egg-size at Portland.

• Since Chesil Beach is so long ( 28 km), aerial photographs often give
.. it the appearance of being very narrow; this is not the case.
.. In most parts the beach is 150 - 200 m wide and up to 13 m high.
• The seaward, southern side often takes a battering from the sea, but
.. the lagoon side is afforded protection by the relatively high crest of
.. the beach.

Building the beach:
.. The origin of Chesil Beach remains the subject of debate.
.. The traditional view is that the beach has been driven on shore by
.. rising sea levels following the last Ice Age.
Hardy beach plants:
.. As the beach is so exposed to south-westerly winds and sea spray,
.. vegetation is concentrated on the sloping shingles facing The Fleet.
.. Plant colonization is also considerable greater at the Abbotsbury end,
.. because the finer pebbles which occur here help to trap such organic
.. matter as guano which enriches the soil and helps to retain moisture.
.. Vegetation is still sparse though, and the only plants to survive this
.. harsh habitat are those that are tolerant of sea spray and can either
.. root very deeply or withstand long periods of drought.

Vogels: Chesil Beach is een belangrijk broedgebied voor het Visdiefje
.. en de Dwergstern.
In het broedseizoen is het strand dan ook
verboden terrein.
shingle beach ( kiezelstrand )  is a beach which is armoured with
.. pebbles  or small- to medium-sized cobbles (as opposed to sand).

Shingle ( = kiezelstenen ) is a mixture of:
(= grind ) .. and .. small- to medium-sized cobbles (rolstenen).
Typically, the stone composition may grade from characteristic sizes ranging from 2 to 200 mm diameter.

pebbles (grind)
( diameter. 4 - 64 mm) ( tussen luciferkop en kippenei)

( diam. 64 - 256 mm) ( tussen kippenei en voetbal)

The Fleet:
Protected partly from the sea by Chesil Beach lies The Fleet, a 13 km
.. long
tidal lagoon (getijdenlagune) composed of a series of narrows and
.. coves.
• It opens at its southeastern end (at Weymouth) into the sea through a
.. narrow bridged entrance less than 75 m wide.
.. At the northwestern, enclosed end is the famous Abbotsbury Swannery.

At the Weymouth end, where the lagoon joins the sea, there is a tidal
.. rush of immense power and range, but at the Abbotsbury end the
.. presence of normal tides is barely noticeble.
There are extensive mudflats at the Weymouth end which are exposed
.. at low tide, but even at high tide The Fleet is extremely shallow, except
.. for the deep channels between the mudflat.
The Fleet is unique among British tidal lagoons in having a marked
.. difference in salinity (salt concentration) along its length and
.. contrasting conditions along its two main shorelines.
The salinity in the lower third of The Fleet, near Weymouth, is much
.. the same as in the English Channel, but in the upper two-thirds it can
.. vary considerable depending on whether drought conditions or floods
.. prevail.
.. In a drought the salinity might be a quarter that found in sea water, yet
.. during floods this may be diluted to one twentieth of seawater salinity.
The two long shorelines have very little in common, and thus add
.. considerably to the interest of the area.
.. The straight shoreline bordering Chesil Beach is composed predominant-
.. ly of shingle whereas the opposite, landward edge is convoluted and
.. offers a considerble variety of habitats ranging from saltwater and fresh-
.. water marsh to cliffs and cultivated soils.


West Bay and beyond taken from East Cliff (Je kijkt dus vanaf de clifftop westwaarts).
The mouth of the West Bay harbour marks the north-west end of Chesil Beach.
Het was een raar gezicht om zo'n enorme grindwal voor de bebouwing te zien liggen.

A view of Chesil Beach & The Fleet, taken from above the Isle of Portland, near
.. Weymouth.
This shingle barrier extends some 28 km to West Bay in the distance.
It affords protection to the tidal Fleet Lagoon and a low-lying hinterland.
The beach maintains a continuous crest from West Bay at 6m O.D. rising to around
.. 13m O.D.
.. in the foreground of this photo.
The surface is difficult to walk on; trying to cover any distance along the ridge is ex-
.. hausting.
The pebbles
(grind) gradu
ally increase in size from west to east.

The peb
bles (grind) near Chiswell, Isle of Portland.
They are difficult to walk on because the rounded pebbles slide against each other.
All material is hard and siliceous, mostly flint
(vuursteen) and chert (silex; hoorn-
.. steen).


Van. Durdle Door .naar . Lulworth Cove :

Durdle Door is an impressive natural arch (= brandingsboog) formed due to the effect
.. of the erosive power of the sea on the vertical layers of different types of rock.
It is part of only a small strip of hard limestone that is left here.
The remnants of old arches can still be seen in the form of 'stumps' of limestone.
.. One day that is all that will remain of Durdle Door.

St. Oswald's Bay is het resultaat van twee inhammen die tenslotte in elkaar zijn over-
...gelopen. In zee zijn nog resten van de relatief harde kalksteen te zien.

At St. Oswald's Bay two old coves
(= inhammen ) have been eroded to form one with
.. only a string of reefs (= klippen) showing where the hard limestone once was. 

At Stair Hole limestone was folded into these contorted shapes
during tectonic
.. movements
.. which formed the Alpine mountains, 30 million years ago.
Door kusterosie ontstond in de kalksteen een brandingsboog.
The limestone fractu
red and let in the sea - a new cove (= inham) in the making.

th Cove. (Cove = inham; kleine baai)
This rock formation is a perfect horseshoe bay formed around 10,000 years ago
...when a
stream breached the limestone cliff and the sea hollowed out the softer clays

This process has happened in several places along the coast here and is still happe-
.. ning today.
.. For instance Stair Hole just west of Lulworth Cove (see photo) is a new cove in the
Eventually it will join up with Lulworth Cove.

Lulworth cove (= inham) is een perfect hoefijzervormige inham langs
.. een steile kust met een nauwe doorgang naar open zee.
De verschillende steenlagen lopen hier parallel aan zee en zijn door
.. plooiing vertikaal komen te staan.
Een golf in de branding komt hier achtereenvolgens een relatief harde
.. kalksteen, de zachte zand- en kleilagen en tenslotte het weer iets
.. hardere witte krijtgesteente van de Dorset Downs tegen.
.. Als de zee eenmaal door de relatief harde kalksteen heen is gebro-
.. ken, vallen de zachtere
klei- en zandlagen snel ten prooi aan de gol-
.. ven.
Vervolgens loopt de zee zich weer vast op het ook beter weer-
.. stand biedende krijtgesteente
The impact of coastal erosion can be seen to great effect at Lulworth
.. Cove
. Here, waves have cut through the resistant limestone and eroded
.. into the softer sands and clays behind to form an almost perfectly circu-
.. lar cove.



There are three types of limestone in the British Isles, but the one that forms the
.. highest upland areas is Carboniferous limestone (kalksteen uit het Carboon).
Links van de diagonale lijn liggen de uplands ( gebieden hoger dan ongeveer
.  1,000 feet.
Dus in Engeland zijn de belangrijkste upland limestone landscapes:
.. Northumberland NP , Lake District NP , Yorkshire Dales NP , North York Moors NP en
.. Peak District NP.
• Je ziet dat North York Moors NP wel uplands is, maar geen Carboniferous limestone
.. heeft, In plaats daarvan heeft ze de zachte, geelachtige. Jurassic limestone.
.. Deze Jurassic limestone vormt een 500 km lang massief tussen Lyme Regis aan de
.. zuidkust en Whitby aan de noordoostkust.
.. Ook de Cotswolds heeft die zachte, geelachtige kalksteen.
.. De Cotswolds is echter geen upland (land lying above the limit of enclosed farmland).
.. Die grens ligt gewoonlijk op grofweg 1,000 feet (± 300m) boven zeeniveau.
.. De Cotswolds blijft daar grotendeels onder.

The map shows the 3 sedimentary rocks that are made from sea
1. Carboniferous limestone
(kalksteen uit het Carboon: hard, grijs)
2. Jurassic limestone
( kalksteen uit de Jura: zacht, geelachtig) and
3. Cretaceous chalk
(= krijt uit het Krijt: zacht, wit) ,

Cretaceous chalk (3) and Jurassic limestone (2) can hold water
they have tiny holes in them and are very porous.

Carboniferous limestone

Carboniferous limestone is not at all porous — although it is permeable

(= doorlatend) It allow water to pass through it from one pore space
to another by capillary action or along cracks
(barsten) and fissures

A long time ago, about 350 million years ago (even before the
) England was covered by a shallow tropical se a bit like
where the Great Barrier Reef is forming today.
As the small animals and corals that lived in the sea died, their shells
and skeletons fell to the bottom. A thick layer built up over millions of
As it squashed and hardened, it eventually turned into limestone.
This Carboniferous limestone is nowadays found in:
- northern England (e.g. Yorkshire Dales, Peak district),
- Wales (e.g. Brecon Beacons) and in
- Ireland ( e.g. The Burren).


....Old Harry Rocks (offshore chalk stacks)
........Dorset AONB.......... 16 km ........... middelzwaar

At the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast towards Studland Bay, the
( = krijt) cliffs have been dramatically eroded into a series of
offshore chalk stacks
(= brandingspilaren, klippen) called
Old Harry Rocks.

These stacks are famous landmarks (markante objecten) on the
Jurassic Coast.

(Dit stuk kust behoort ook tot de top-10 kwetsbare plekken kustafslag
in Groot-Brittannië)

Chalk (= krijt) cliffs and stacks at Handfast Point.
• Krijt is een fijnkorrelige, witte kalksteensoort, die uit de skeletten van microscopisch
.. plankton bestaat.
Chalk is generally considered a soft rock, but it is surprisingly resistant to marine
.. erosion.and forms towering vertical cliffs along the coast.
The string of sea stacks
(= brandingspilaren) that trail out onto the sea off the point
.. here formed after the last ice age.
Sea stacks like Old Harry form when slightly harder areas of rock resist erosion whilst
.. everything else around them is worn away. Eventually these stacks will collapse but
.. new ones will replace them. Ongoing erosion like this is the main reason the coast is
.. so beautiful.
At some point in the last 20,000 years the sea breached the chalk ridge that would
.. have stretched across to the Isle of Wight.
.. It probably did this by flooding up river channels that had cut down through the chalk.
.. Once this natural barrier was breached the land behind was submerged, creating the
The chalk was slowly stripped back to create the coastline we see now.

A general view of Old Harry Rocks ( a series of chalk stacks

.. (= brandingspilaren, klippen).
jutting into the sea.
The progressive erosion of the headland can be seen, from the caves

.. (= brandingsgrotten)
etched out at.the waterline, to the arch (brandingsboog) on the
.. main stack , and eventually the isolated, .pillars of rock ( brandingspilaren, klippen).

A detail from the shot above, the stack
(= brandingspilaar, klip), arch (= brandingsboog)
.. and some wave-cut platform (= brandingsplatform) , exposed at low tide.

. Chalk stacks
( = brandingspilaren, klippen) are formed where the sea erodes a
.. headland and isolates pieces of cliff.


Van dag tot dag:

- Plan zodanig dat de Lulworth Ranges open zijn, als je daar aankomt.
. Bekijk de exacte data op de website van het South West Coast Path:
. Nieuw venster www.southwestcoastpath.com/faq/military-training-areas/
. They are open most weekends and at peak holiday times such as the
.. whole of August and bank holidays
.. Opening dates should be verified at the Lulworth Cove Heritage Centre.

- Onderstaande dagindeling volgt grotendeels:
.. . www.hfholidays.co.uk/holidays/guided-trail-dorset-coast-path

Arrival Lyme Regis.
- This is a delightful seaside resort with the partially medieval cobb
.. (= havenmuur).
- The Lyme Regis museum is a great introduction and insight into the
.. natural history of the area.
- Here your first two nights accommodation has been booked.

1. Seaton Lyme Regis ..... 11 ½ km.......middelzwaar . ↑ 405 m
- Take in Lyme Regis a bus to Seaton.
. (Eten en drinkwater meedragen voor de hele dag).
- Walk via the Axmouth-Lyme Regis Undercliffs back:
. This nature reserve is the 10 km coastal strip between these towns
. This unique environment was formed from landslides and is home to
. many plants and animals with its mix of habitats including dense
. ash woodland.
. You wander along paths through jungle-like woodland with only occa-
. sional glimpses out to the coastline.

2. Lyme Regis ― Bridport ... 16 ½ km ... middelzwaar . ↑ 425 m
“Rollercoaster” footpath.
- Interesting sequence of cliff paths and smugglers’ villages such as
. Charmouth and Seatown.

- Als het getij het toelaat, loop je van Lyme Regis naar Charmouth
.. over.het strand ! Zo niet, dan doe je de inland diversion:
- Between Lyme Regis and Charmouth rock falls have necessitated an
. inland diversion from the coast. In that case
the path heads inland
. skirting Black Ven, the remains of the largest coastal mudslide in
. Europe, before descending to Charmouth Beach, one of the best
.. places to find fossils on the Jurassic Coast.
- visit also
Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre.
- If fossil hunting doesn’t distract you for too long, continue along the
. cliffs to Golden Cap hill (191 m), the highest sea cliff in the south of
. England with splendid views all round. Here Cretaceous sands sit on
. top of Jurassic clays.
. From here, we walk down into the hamlet of Seatown, before the next
. hill takes us over to Eype and Bridport.
..(Loop vanaf Eype via holle wegen naar Bridport.)

3. Bridport ― Abbotsbury ....( 16 km ..... middelzwaar ...↑ ... m
- Continue your walk heading along the coast towards Burton Bradstock
. (worth a visit ! ) with its old spinning mill houses and thatched cottages
. before reaching Chesil Beach, (longest shingle beach in Europe)
It is an 28 km stretch of flint
(vuursteen) and chert shingle.
- It is uniquely separated from the mainland by the Fleet Lagoon.
- From West Bexington we take the South Dorset Ridgeway (this is an
. inland Coast Path section) to the beautiful village of Abbotsbury.
. This village has a medieval tithe barn and swannery, the only one of its
. kind where swans are bred.
- There are plenty of sites here, especially we would recommend a stroll
. up to St. Catherine’s chapel at sunset or dawn.
. This chapel served as a lighthouse from monastic times and through
. the destruction of the monasteries as a reference landmark for shipping.

Shingle ( = kiezelstenen ) is a mixture of:
(= grind ) .. and .. small- to medium-sized cobbles (rolstenen).
Typically, the stone composition may grade from characteristic sizes ranging from 2 to 200 mm diameter.

pebbles (grind)
( diameter. 4 - 64 mm) ( tussen luciferkop en kippenei)

( diam. 64 - 256 mm) ( tussen kippenei en voetbal)

4. Abbotsbury ― Ellwell....... 20 km ...... middelzwaar .... ↑ 450 m
- Further on the South Dorset Ridgeway (an arm of the National Trail)
- It offers a wonderful combination of views out towards Chesil Beach
. and a chance for us to explore one of the UK’s most important ancient
. ceremonial landscapes.
- Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age remains and constructions line our
. route to the village of Elwell, just north of Weymouth.
- We also pass the National Trust monument to the Battle of Trafalgar
. hero, Thomas Hardy on its exposed setting above Portesham.
- Weymouth is an old seaside town. 
. There is plenty to enjoy in Weymouth including a wonderful beach
. and a lovely harbour.

5. Weymouth―Lulworth Cove ..17 ½ km...middelzwaar ↑ 750m
- Follow the Dorset Coast Path eastwards along the white chalk cliffs
. from Weymouth to Lulworth Cove.
- This is another roller coaster day, but you can bypass the hilliest
. sections with a more inland route.
- On the way you pass the natural arches
(rotsbogen) of Bats Head and
. Durdle Door and the long abandoned medieval village of Ringstead.
. Durdle Door is a 200ft high natural arch made up of chalk
- Just past Durdle Door, you enter the beautiful Lulworth Cove with its
. azure waters and chalk hillside.

6. Lulworth Cove ― Worth Matravers .. 21 km ... zwaar.↑ ... m
- (Draag levensmiddelen en drinkwater mee, want er is geen super-
. .marktje onderweg en de eerste gelegenheid voor drinkwater
.. bijvullen is pas bij de Purbeck Marine Nature Reserve.)
- Dit is een zware dag. Drie keer 140 hm steil omhoog ( Bindon Hill,
. Rings Hill en Houns-tout Cliff) Daarnaast nog vele andere kortere
. stijgingen.
- Leaving Lulworth Cove, you will enter Fossil Forest , the most complete
. fossil record of a Jurassic Forest in the world. 
- Today’s walk does involve some careful planning as it takes you
. through the Lulworth Ranges.
. Please check notices locally as to the safe times you can cross.
- Head inland to the pretty village of Worth Matravers where you will
. stay for the night.

7. Worth Matravers―Poole Harbour...23 km...middelzwaar ↑.. m
- This walk takes you past Durlston Head which offers fantastic views of
. the English Channel and the Isle of Wight before
- continuing  to the striking white sea stacks
(brandingspilaren, klippen)
. of Old Harry and Old Harry's Wife which signify the end of your
. journey. along the Jurassic Coast. (This area is a great place to spot
. bottlenose dolphins, pretty wildflowers and butterflies and so makes
. for a very enjoyable final day.
- Voorbij Studland liep ik over mooie paden midden door de Studland
. Heath
(de in het terrein gemarkeerde Heather Walk Trail)
naar South
. Haven Point
. ( Daar kun je de veerboot nemen naar Poole.)
- Poole Harbour ( is a ria ( drowned river valley) formed at the end of
.. the last ice age).
( Het verdronken buitenste deel van een rivierdal )

Bovenstaande dagetappes kunnen als leidraad dienen voor degenen
die B & B boeken en dus met slechts een lichte dagrugzak lopen.
De wandelaars met trekkingrugzak en tent hebben zo'n indeling niet
Zij zijn zo vrij als een vogel en kunnen 's avonds overal wel een tentplek vinden. Ze doen er overigens wel goed aan 2 dagen extra te rekenen,
omdat je met een trekkingrugzak minder km's per dag aflegt dan met
een dagrugzak.

SNP Natuurreizen heeft bij de Jurassic Coast 2 wandelreizen:

Het betreft:

1. In de voetsporen van Thomas Hardy.

2. 100 % wandelen vanuit Lulworth Cove.

Zie hiervoor:



. The South West Coast Path,
... .Paddy Dillon,
.... Cicerone Press, 2013 (First edition)
.... Gewoonlijk houdt men in deze gids de achter-
.... grond
info goed gescheiden van de route-
.... beschrijving
.... Ook heeft ze een handig formaat.
.... Normaliter heb ik daarom voorkeur voor deze
.... uitgever. (Klein minpunt: slechte deelkaartjes)



.... Omdat de schrijver bij dit zéér lange pad (1014 km) heeft
.... beknibbeld op achtergrondinformatie, kun je beter bij de andere
.... wandelgidsen kijken of er een is die méér achtergrondinfo heeft.
.... Koop die dan !


Nieuw venster Harvey Maps 1 : 40,000
.... South West Coast Path 6:
.... Sidmouth to South Haven Point.

.... ISBN 1851374329.


Harvey strip maps (strookkaarten) zijn de beste kaarten.
1. Ze hebben schaal 1: 40.000. Dat is voldoende, omdat national trails
zéér goed gemarkeerd zijn in het terrein.
2. Ze hebben slim kleurgebruik, Hierdoor krijg je een beter beeld van
het terrein. Namelijk:
Donkergeel ( = Improved pasture ) d.w.z. de percelen weiland,
.. die je nog met een tractor kunt bewerken ( maaien, etc)
Lichtgeel ( = Rough pasture ) d.w.z. de percelen weiland
.. die te slecht zijn om te bewerken; ze worden alleen begraasd.
Wit ( = Moorland ) d.w.z. het hooggelegen, zéér extensief gebruikte
.. land, waar geen stapelmuurtjes, heggen of rasters meer zijn.
.. Ze zijn dus unenclosed.
.. Daar groeien o.a. heidesoorten, gaspeldoornsoorten, Adelaarsvaren,
.. grassen en zeggen.

Boeken met informatie over deze tocht:

. The Official Guide to the Jurassic Coast:
.... Dorset and East Devon's World Heritage
.... Coast.
(Walk Through Time Guide S.)
.... Denys Brunsden
.... ..



. Coastal Walks Around Britain,
... 15 Magnificant Weekend Walks,
... Andrew McCloy, ... blz. 30 t/m 39
... Zéér goed boek. Warm aanbevolen !
... Maak een
afdruk van bovengenoemde
... bladzijden en neem die mee op reis.
.... ..


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