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48 betekent: de wandeling stond op de 48ste plaats in Britain's Favourite Walks: Top 100.

Dunstanburgh Castle, de wandeling uit de Top 10, heeft een oranje nummer.
 Lichtbruin = National Park ...... • Lichtgroen = AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) 
........................................................................... ( the next step down from a National Park).

In Noordoost-Engeland heb je één belangrijk National Park: Northumberland National Park.
.. Het ligt tussen Hadrian's Wall en de Schotse grens.
.. Van de North Pennines ANOB behoort alleen het oostelijke deel tot de regio
North East England.


9. Ruined Castle Dunstanburgh
....Northumberland Coast AONB ...... 5 km ...... licht

Short and spectacular, this is perhaps Britain’s ultimate coastal walking
route with a pretty fishing port, mighty castle, spectacular wildlife and
wonderful sea views to enjoy.

This short but spectacular walk on the rugged Northumberland coast
starts in the fishing village of Craster and leads along a wildlife-rich
seafront to the mighty ruined castle Dunstanburgh.
It is an archetypal medieval castle dominating a headland.
It was once one of the largest castles in the north-east of England.
It was built in 1313 and stands on a remote headland on a wave-battered coastline, with its great twin-towered keep still clearly visible despite
much of the fortress now being in disrepair.

If you’re feeling energetic you can extend the route along the long
sweep of Embleton Sands to Low Newton-by-the-Sea

• Start / finish: Craster, a pretty fishing port.

Map: OS Explorer 332

ruined castle Dunstanburgh, perched on a promontory
(vooruitspringende rots)
formed by a black basalt outcrop (ontsluiting), known as the Whin Sill.

Inside the ruins.


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18. Housesteads V. C. Steel Rigg, Hadrian’s Wall
Northumberland National Park...... . 10½ km ..........licht

This bitesize section of the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail crosses some
of England’s most dramatic and historical landscapes in just a few
short miles.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Wall was the North West frontier
of the Roman Empire. The wall itself stretches for 135 km.
This 7-mile circular route near the town of Haltwhistle in Northumberland covers arguably its most dramatic section.
Starting at Housesteads Visitor Centre and crossing Hotbank Crags on
the way to Steel Rigg, you’ll pass historical landmarks and dramatic
natural features including one of Britain’s most photographed trees at
Sycamore Gap (one for the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves fans out there!).

You’ll return on the Roman Military Way, and go home with your head
full of history and tales.

• Start / finish:
Housesteads Visitor Centre.

Housesteads Fort from the air, looking north.
Het was één van de 17 grote Castella (Forten) die langs de muur werden opgericht.
Op de foto zie je de rechtse (= oostelijke) helft van het Fort.
Rechtsboven aan de rand van de foto is nog een klein stukje van de Muur zichtbaar.

Hadrian's Wall and Milecastle 39 ( Versterkte poort ).
Peel Crags provide a great view of the Milecastle and to Crag Lough (looking eastwards).
The Milecastle is situated in one of the drops of the hillside.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 430 m

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Mooie video, waar men in omgekeerde richting loopt.




34. High Force and Low Force
North Pennines AONB....... 14 km ....... lichte wandeling

Two spectacular waterfalls for the price of one on a beautiful
woodland loop that follows a popular section of the Pennine Way.

An enjoyable circular route in the heart of the rugged Durham Dales
which takes in both High Force and Low Force Falls along the River Tees.
( High Force is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in England).
Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Upper Teesdale, High Force
is a genuine force of nature, cascading 21 metres into the plunge pool
beneath it.

Your route leads through pretty woodlands on the legendary
Pennine Way long distance trail.

The falls aren’t the only highlights on this walk, however. You’ll also
pass through:
the North Pennies AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and
the Moor House-Upper Teesdale NNR (National Nature Reserve),
home to some of the UK’s rarest plants and most iconic upland birds – everything from wildflowers and ferns to roe deer and rabbits.

• Start / finish: Visitor Centre.

Map: OS Explorer OL19 , OL31.

.The Whin Sill is also responsible for one of Britain’s most famous waterfalls:
...High Force.
.. Here the River Tees falls more than 20 m over the resistant rocks of the Whin Sill.
Two types of rock can be seen at the falls.
.. The lower rocks are horizontal sediment layers.
.. The upper rocks are dark dolerite and has vertical joints.
.. They are much harder than the sediment layers underneath.

• This tough dolerite is resistant to erosion, which explains the location of the
.. Where there is no dolerite, the valley broadens out and waterfalls are absent, but
.. other bands of dolerite create waterfalls just a short distance upstream at
...Cauldron Snout and downstream at Low Force.

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48. The Cheviot ( 816 m)
....Northumberland National Park ... 15 km ... mountain . zwaar

Challenging. Steep ascents, very exposed on peaks,
( b
ut there are also lots of easier routes to enjoy the hills).

The Cheviot is the highest point in Northumberland.
You can start at Harthope Valley and take in the two main summits:
Cold Hill and Cairn hill.
It's a strenuous but rewarding walk over the long trail of hills straddling
the England-Scotland border, with steep ascents/descents and bogs,
but there are also lots of easier routes to enjoy the hills.

Cheviot Hills — In northern England, close to the Scottish Southern Uplands, the Cheviot Hills are composed of a great thickness of hard, ancient lavas and intrusions of igneous rocks, covered by a thick
layer of peat.

Peat — A thickness of partially decayed vegetation, formed in wet anaerobic ground.

• Start / finish: Harthope Valley.

Map: OS Explorer OL16.

Looking towards the Cheviot from Scald Hill.ll.

The summit of the Cheviot is marked by a triangulation pillar.
In order to prevent erosion to a sensitive landscape, a millstone slabbed pathway has
.. been laid running, almost without interruption, across the summit plateau.

.................................................. Totale stijging = 880 m
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51. .St Cuthbert's Way .langeafstandspad..licht/middelzwaar



This walk is worth it for the finish along Lindisfarne Causeway alone –
surely the finest end to any of Britain’s long-distance trails.

This 100 km walk follows St Cuthbert’s Way pilgrim trail through
beautiful and varied countryside from Melrose in the Scottish Borders
to Holy Island off the Northumberland coast.

Crossing the Anglo-Scottish border twice and passing through the
northern foothills of the Cheviots, this route is inspired by the religious
life of St Cuthbert, which began in Melrose in 650AD and ended in his
final resting place on Holy Island.

You’ll pass through a remote and ever-changing landscape with huge
views across ancient borderlands.
A sense of history and culture swirls around you all the way to the route’s spectacular finish on the mile-long Lindisfarne Causeway, which is only
exposed at low tide (research and plan this section carefully).

Mooie dagetappes: Kirk Yetholm Holy Island
1. Kirk Yetholm ― Wooler .... 21 km ....Middelzwaar ... ↑ 620 m
2. Wooler ― Fenwick .......... 19 km .... Middelzwaar ... ↑390 m
... (Transfer to Lowick 5½ km by road)

3. Fenwick ― Holy Island ..... 10 km ....... Licht ............ ↑0 m

During low tide there are two routes onto the island:
.. 1. barefoot across the sands
(de drooggevallen wadzanden) on the Pilgrim's Way,
...... marked by a line of barnacle-encrusted poles.
.. 2. over the tidal causeway (= getijdendam )
(Desgewenst lift je met een van de auto's over de drooggevallen dam naar het
...... eiland)

Lindisfarne Castle is perched on a small hilltop, a dolerite outcrop (ontsluiting).
.. This hilltop is a dyke (= gang), a wall-like body of intrusive igneous rock, formed as
.. magma pushes up towards the surface through cracks in the rock and harden there.

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. St Oswald's Way and St Cuthbert's Way
.... Rudolf Abraham
.... Cicerone, 2013 (First edition)



. Harvey Maps 1: 40,000
.....St Cuthbert's Way


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55. Alnmouth ― Warkworth
Northumberland Coast AONB....... 10½ km ......... licht

Take a walk along the coastline, starting in the village of Alnmouth.
.. and ending with the phenomenal Warkworth Castle.
.. The bay has miles of golden sand and is located on the mouth of the
.. River Aln.

• Start: Alnmouth.
.. Finish:
.. There is a coastal bus

Map: OS Explorer 332

The village Alnmouth seen from across the River Aln from Church Hill.
• Alnmouth with its beautiful beach and rich history, makes for a pleasant stop on the
.. coastal walk, but the wide and fast-flowing River Aln entails a diversion inland.

Het dorp Warkworth ligt in een langwerpige lus van de rivier Coquet.
• Warkworth is best known for its well-preserved medieval castle, church and hermitage.

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59. Kielder Water and Forest Park
Northumberland National Park.. 29 km .. licht (maar wel lang)

The biggest man made lake (Reservoir) in Northern Europe with a
variety of wildlife and vast ‘working’ woodlands.

In addition to hosting the biggest man made lake in Northern Europe,
a variety of wildlife and vast working woodlands this beautiful place
has recently become a designated Dark Sky Park.
Sculptures are scattered along 27 miles of forest trail.

Most easy going, much of it cycle routes so level and accessible.
This is the full circuit of the Water – shorter sections can be done too.

• Start / finish: Kielder.

Map: OS Explorer OL42

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93. Seaham―Crimdon (Durham Heritage Coast Path)
Durham Heritage Coast ...... 18 km ........ lichte wandeling

Durham Coastal Path
Walk along this 18 km England Coast Path National Trail crossing
cliff-tops, meadows, wooded gorges, coastal denes and magnesian
limestone coastal grasslands to meet a vast array of wildlife and
uncover the rich heritage of the area.

Generally easy going – only challenge is distance.
The England Coastal path gives loads of choices.
You can make it longer or shorter easily.

• Start: Seaham.
.. Finish:

Map: OS Explorer 308

There is a coastal bus.

Coastline approaching Easington Colliery.

Sea stack (= brandingspilaar) on Blast Beach.
Further to the north are the sea cliffs at Nose's Point.

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